Saturday, June 14, 2008

Where's My Million Dollars Ticket?

Just came back from from dinner with a friend of mine. We went to the same restaurant where we had our dinner during Chinese New Year where something strange happened.

We went back to recall the incident. I remembered very well we choose a seat by the side at the corner. As we seated, a man selling lottery tickets came by. My girlfriend and I were thinking, ahha.. may be got luck. So while waiting for food to be served, we choose our million dollars tickets.

I choose 2 tickets with 2 last numbers run consecutively and placed it on the table. I can still remember it was ending with 6 and 7.

It was an air conditioned room but the fan on top of us was on. Suddenly the fan turned to our side and blown one of the ticket away. I saw the ticket flew and dropped down. I told my friend to hold on to my other ticket and I stood up to pick up the other. Strangely, the ticket was no where to be found. We spend almost half an hour searching the whole place, the whole restaurant, even the impossible places like our hand bag, underneath the table and and the other tables with guests. We were trying not because of the RM3.00 but because we didn't believe it could just disappeared into think air.

The Lottery man too didn't believe it because he was helping to find too. There were only 3 other couples in the restaurant and 2 waiters were standing right inside the restaurant, quite a distance away from us.

The Lottery man said may be I took only one ticket. But I knew I took 2, and saw the ticket flew up and dropped down behind my friend where there were nobody there.

At last I paid the Lottery man extra RM3.00. The nice lottery man at first didn't want to accept the RM3.00 because he didn't believe that the ticket could go missing just like that.

Until now I am still trying to figure out where is my million dollars ticket gone to!

Strange, strange, strange!!!!


Nick Phillips said...

Gee, that sucks! I mean it could be the winning ticket. It is strange to just disappear like that though ...

Monica said...

indeed very strange!! btw, I've two awards for you! ;-)

molly said...

Hi Nick, Ya, really very strange.. feeling a little eerie..

molly said...

Hi Monica, Ya indeed...
Thanks for the award, you are soooo sweet!

Lianny said...

There is a Chinese saying.
When it is yours it will be yours 1 day,
if not yours it will never be.
Take it easy~

molly said...

Hi Lianny, Nice to see you here.
Ya, you are right. But how did it go missing????