Saturday, September 8, 2012

Homestay in Sekinchang, Kuala Selangor

Went to a Malay Kampung for homestay last week.  It was a great experience which make me looking forward for another one again.  

A bus load of us went and we were split into various groups and foster parents took us back to their home separately which located in different area not far from each other.  

I was lucky to stay in a room with air-condition.  Wahaha! No mosquitos, no snake, no bugs were allowed into the room. I had a very good sleep that night.  

The house we stayed was surrounded with coconut trees and oil palm.  We requested the foster parent for some fresh young coconuts, immediately they brought a long bamboo pole and pull a few for us. 

I was told before that the coconut drink is slightly sour when you drink in the afternoon.  But so far I tried either in the morning or afternoon, it tasted the same, slightly sour + sweet.  But the coconut drink and fresh I tasted here in this kampung house is sooooo sweet so yummy. It was so nice it make me thinking for the whole night. So I decided to pull one the next morning before I go home or I might regret forever. I did, and I am satisfied now.

All the friends went to see fireflies, but I did not go.  I did not go because it was a small sampan boat which can accommodate maximum 4 person accompanied by one boatman to row the boat. The sampan looks unsafe to me and I don't like the milky water, looks very scary to me.  The whole journey took about 20 minutes.  

Among the program arranged for us a were fishing, visiting paddy field, vegetable farm,  cultural show, chocolate outlet, batik factory, firefly, mangrove swamp area etc.....

Now I have experienced fishing, which is not as easy as I thought. I see paddy field, now I know how tough it is to get the rice on our plate, and I now I know how important is the mangrove swamp.  It is not only important to us but also the animal like monkey, firefly, sea creature like prawn, crab, mud-skipper, but also for the migrating birds and the whole eco-system. 

Our dinner: Nasi Embang (not sure of spelling)

The above picture is Nasi Embang (Not very sure of spelling). It is rice at the bottom, on top is fried noodle, fried graded coconut, fried chicken.  This tray of rice is enough for at least 10 persons, but each tray only 5 person sharing that day.  We didn't finished it although it was really tasty and yummy!

The above was the arrangement of food.  We sat on the floor around the food and eat with our fingers. It was a great experience.