Monday, September 21, 2009

Eat First, Pay Later

Today dinner at Dynasty Dragon Seafood Restaurant, Summit Subang USJ. The name sound really grand ya? I didn't notice there is this restaurant which is situated at Summit Complex facing the main road. I must be having cock eye. Haha!

Sorry for the poor picture quality. Still not sure how to use my Cannon camera in night time.

Waiting for food to be served.

Start with a bowl of shark's fin soup.

Then rice with claypot Toufu.

Stir fried bamboo shoot with prawn.

Steam fish slices. Wah, very fresh and tasty. No wonder people still dine there although the food is a bit expensive.

Mmm... yummy, yummy, yummy..... Don't worry, eat first, next month the bank will tell me how much to pay.
Let's enjoy!!


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shopping For A Pram

Recently I was so sick and feeling so weak, I was lying in bed almost everyday doing nothing after the medication. The only thing I could do was close my eyes and recall those old memories, when I was young, when my children were small and all things that happened during those good old days.

Time flies. My children are now grown up.

I remember very well once I went shopping with my elder son who was about 3 years old then, looking for a suitable pram for my new born baby. I brought the maid along thinking she would take care of my son while I do my shopping.
Suddenly I realized my son was not with the maid while she happily shopping with her two eyes, forgetting she was there for a very important mission.

I got panic, almost crying with all sort of funny thinking haunting and clouding my mind. The shopping complex was so crowded and I was wondering how to find my son in the sea of people.

I did not go to the information centre thinking it wouldn't help and even if they announced, a small boy would not know how to response to the announcement. I didn’t realize then that it could help alert the security and also I had under estimated my son’s capability. Luckily I have always told my son what to do if he is lost in a shopping complex, to either find a security guard or stand at a corner until I come.

Suddenly I saw my son standing in one corner as if he was waiting for me to fetch him. Oh! What a relief to see him!

I found the pram later but the choice were quite limited at the shopping complex.

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