Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Making Dumpling

Tomorrow is dumpling festival. As usual my mom will prepare dumpling for us.

This is the first year I am taking part in helping because it is high time I learn the trade, so that I can make for my children in future.

Nowadays you can buy dumpling at almost any wet market and everyday but it is never as nice as the one prepared by my mum. My mum's taste almost 200% better than those bought outside. Hehehe, there is no exaggeration.

The following are the ingredients needed for the dumpling:
1. Pork

2. Oysters (soak)

3. Garlic
4. Nuts (soak and clean)
5. Mushroom (soak)6. 5-spice powder & white pepper

8. The ready ingredients (pork, nut, mushroom, oyster, garlic, 5-spice power, pepper, sugar & salt)
9. Leave and string (boil the leave and clean with a piece of cloth one by one)
10. Rice and bean with some salt, sugar and pepper and 5-spice powder.

9. The ready dumpling

9. Cover and boil it for 2 hours. We didn't use the pressure cooker so to avoid the boiling water overflowing, we add a porcelain spoon into the boiling water and strangely the water stop flowing out.

And if you think that is just an easy job then take a look at this Ah Soh's sweaty face and her messy hair.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dinner Time

Ho, ho, ho no need to cook for dinner! That will mean no need washing, no need cleaning but that will also mean more money is needed to pay for the food!

Went to Ah Yat Forum Restaurant at Avenue K @ Jalan Ampang for dinner.

Whenever I think of Ah Yat Restaurant, it linked me to dishes like Abalone, Shark's fin, Sucking pig, Fish maw, seafoods, famous Hong Kong foods, Dim Sums, Buddha Jump Over The Wall, etc..... All so yummy, but expensive too.

We decided to order the set meal which consists of 7 dishes :

1. Prawn and century egg in jelly basket.

2. Shark's fin soup. The soup is not too thick and is very, very nice.

3. Clay Pot Seafoods with a small abalone, scallop, sea cucumber, fish maw and mushroom.

4. The fatttttty 'TongPo' pork. This is my favourite dish, but is a little too fat errr... I told the captain that it was too fat and requested for a change but she said it's all the same and this dish should be fatty, without fat it wouldn't be nice. I think they should have let us have a choice whether we want a fatty one or less fatty one. Anyway, with plenty of guilty feeling for my heart, I let it slowly melt into my stomach. It was really yummy. 5, Rice with Pork Rib and Mushroom with some sauce. 6. Vegetable. It is a little overcooked but nice too.

Actually all those dishes were just enough to fill our stomach but we ordered an extra dish of noodle. I knew it will never be too much with my sons around. And true enough, we managed to finished all our food, including the noodle.

At last we had our desserts. It is Mango pudding. Something is missing in this meal, guess what?
Is the fruits and the wine. To me, a meal is never complete without a glass of wine. Anyway we had continuous flow of Chinese tea to replace the wine. Come, lets 'yummmmm cha'.