Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Making Dumpling

Tomorrow is dumpling festival. As usual my mom will prepare dumpling for us.

This is the first year I am taking part in helping because it is high time I learn the trade, so that I can make for my children in future.

Nowadays you can buy dumpling at almost any wet market and everyday but it is never as nice as the one prepared by my mum. My mum's taste almost 200% better than those bought outside. Hehehe, there is no exaggeration.

The following are the ingredients needed for the dumpling:
1. Pork

2. Oysters (soak)

3. Garlic
4. Nuts (soak and clean)
5. Mushroom (soak)6. 5-spice powder & white pepper

8. The ready ingredients (pork, nut, mushroom, oyster, garlic, 5-spice power, pepper, sugar & salt)
9. Leave and string (boil the leave and clean with a piece of cloth one by one)
10. Rice and bean with some salt, sugar and pepper and 5-spice powder.

9. The ready dumpling

9. Cover and boil it for 2 hours. We didn't use the pressure cooker so to avoid the boiling water overflowing, we add a porcelain spoon into the boiling water and strangely the water stop flowing out.

And if you think that is just an easy job then take a look at this Ah Soh's sweaty face and her messy hair.


ladyviral said...

So you learnt how to make dumplings now. When you sending me some? :P

My mom tried when se was young, but failed misereably. So she gave up, and now her children can't make them lol.

Making dumpling is not easy (yes singular!) Imagine dumplingS! SO much work! Glad yours was a success!

fufu said...

lol...i want some bakchangs now.... >.< i am now in singapore...will be back home tomorrow...wish i still can eat it when i am back home then =P

xin said...

wah is that u in pic? hehehe

i know it is damn troublesome to make a dumpling, which is why my mom refused to, i cant make it either :D

Bengbeng said...

is that you? making dumplings is not easy... the hardest part is to make sure the dumpling looks the shape of a dumpling :)

Tina said...

oooh very nice. loved the step by step pics, and the last pic with the sweaty face and hair made me laugh!

molly said...

Ladyviral - I like dumplings so it is worth the trouble.
Now e-card is so popular and dont be surprise, in future we also get e-dumpling because most people now dont prefer to make it at home. So ..

fufu - Home cook is the best, so you better rush back in time.

xin - Aiyoh, the Ah Soh look so funny and messy ya.

Bengbeng - Hahaha is that me? Hohoho, I couldnt recognise her, who is she ya?

foongpc said...

I just had some dumplings today. But can't eat much. I feel bloated after eating them! Home made dumplings always better - better ingredients!

molly said...

Tina - Cooking can be quite enjoyable to lots of people but not the Ah Soh in the pic. LOL

foongpc - I can eat many homemade dumplings (not going to reveal how many I ate :) :) but not when I buy from market.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Oh, I haven't eaten home-made dumplings for a long, long time. I mean not those from the market.
Everything's so commercialized that people do not take the trouble to make them anymore.

Jacky 钟金良 said...

wah, just know dumpling can put ao many ingredients.

In my town, I only like dumpling with ground nuts.

Tching said...

Making rice dumpling was never an easy job. But it's all worthwhile when you see the smiley face of your family eating dumplings made by you, for them.

molly said...

Keats - Hehehe, so commercialized that most of my friends can only enjoy home made e-zhang send by their family member or the lousy 'chang' from the market.

Jacky - Oh yes, have you tried dumpling with abalone, scallops, or nyonya chang with dried prawn, that was yummy, yummy too...

Tching - LOL.. smiley faces, you are right.

Monica said...

Molly! I had totally forgotten about the dumpling! you are so clever to make this dumpling! ;-)

molly said...

Monica - Not clever, but was forced to last year when I have prepard some ingredients and nobody to help me drap the dumpling and suddendly I got the way. Seems easy but is not easy to drap nicely.

Ai-Ling said...

molly, never mind the ah soh's sweaty face and messy hair, as long as u get home-prepared, delicious bakchang :D :D

i think i'll start making my own next year ;)

chubskulit said...

Thanks for sharing this one, we love dumpling but we dont how to do it.. we only buy it at the market, maybe we can try this sometimes..

I am following your blog now, hope u can visit sometimes..

john said...

That's hardwork but the end product is worth it..

following your blog, please visit me sometimes..

molly said...

Ai-Ling, yes home cook is the best, agreed.

chubskulit, welcome to my blog and thanks following. Will definitely pay you a visit.

john, Nice to see you here, will swing in definitely. :):)

JoMel said...

hi, leaving my footprint here, and thanks for leaving yours in mine. I'm going to bookmark this, because I've been wanting to make my own dumplings, and year after year, I say next year. Sigh!

molly said...

JoMel, nice to see you here.