Saturday, February 21, 2009

Strange Things Happen Everyday

Last weekend, I went to attend a funeral in Singapore. It was the funeral of an old lady of almost 90 years old; she is my 3rd sister's mother-in-law.

In such a sad occasion every one tense to tune to sad mood (have to pretend a little) at least for the first few hours. After that we were actually having some fun cracking jokes and laughing away. What else to do, foods were served promptly and everything were so well taken care of.

On the last day of the funeral, the 7th day, one of my cousin sisters came. She is about my elder sister’s age which is about 18 years older than me and my younger sister but we both usually pretend to know their friends and some older cousins of their age very well.

While they were chatting, I realized my elder sister’s face suddenly change to a serious look. I drew close to them and listened to the conversation and occasionally I interrupted their conversation in order to get a clearer picture of her story.

Actually one of my cousin’s younger boys Eugene passed away a year ago while he was in an overseas working trip. One day, after work, he went for a swim at his apartment and was drown due to heart problem, which I didn’t have the time to find out more. What interests me was what the parent encountered after his death. The following are some of the encounters she told us:

1. First thing they encounter was on the 7th day after the son's death. While my cousin and her husband were sleeping they felt the bed shaking very hard and instantly they guessed that the son were at home. My cousin started to talk to him although she was not sure what happened actually and what to do.

2. She placed his ashes in a temple. One day an old lady at the temple were doing meditation as usual and suddenly she dosed off and saw a young man standing in front of her. She felt very strange and suddenly she realized the young man looked like my cousin’s son. So she went and tells my cousin about it.

3. One day my cousin’s elder son, George went for a swim. On the way back he realized he left his wallet at the poolside. So he returned to find it. Earlier some one had returned the wallet to the security department and asked to return to the owner. The manager checked the Identity card and he said it belonged to Eugene, which is George’s late brother. They felt very strange and when they checked the Identity Card again; the name printed was actually George. And none of them met or knew about both the brothers earlier.

4. Every year the whole family will go back to Penang to celebrate the grandfather’s birthday. For last year, one day before they went back to Penang my cousin went to the temple where she placed Eugene’s ashes, and told him about the trip. The second morning my cousin and her family started the journey at about 4 am in the morning. While the father was driving, he saw Eugene face appears at the windscreen.

It is hard to believe right? Now let me tell you about one of my many own encounters.

One day, last year, I came back home at night at about 11.00 pm after attending a funeral. When I entered the gate my neighbor’s dog which will only bark at the stranger suddenly bark at me very fiercely. At first I didn’t feel anything wrong but suddenly my hair stand and I felt strange. I started to say prayer before I enter my house.

My 2nd sister too had a strange encounter. She went for an operation at the Subang Medical Centre 2 years ago. She has a son and a daughter who accompanied her to the hospital. After her children went back the nurse told her that her 3rd son was still outside. She argued she has only one son and one daughter but the nurse argued she saw her 2 sons and she said her younger son looks very pale. Actually my sister had a miscarriage long ago after her son was born.

Am I or my cousin sister or my sister been thinking too much? Or is there something wrong with us?

Friday, February 6, 2009

To All Who Are Single Again

Another friend of mine, who is single again is getting married.

I admire her courage to take up a new relationship.

For me, I have lost interest, lost confident, lost the courage to do that. Otherwise I would have been a millionaire's wife now.

Actually someone who is a friend of my childhood friend were interest in me and came promised me love, roses, money, travelling ... the promises given to me were so tempting but I still cant do like the frog in Ipoh, to close an eye and jump into the millions.

Well that is over now and it is alright for me because I am feeling as free as a bird and I am keeping myself busy and happy, although occasionally I am facing a different kind of pressure being a single but compared to the pressure given by a partner, this is nothing.

I am not trying to discourage anyone from a new relationship, but if you think you really have found a person who can be trusted, then go ahead and go ahead to regret if you found that is a wrong decision. Rather than you sit and regret you have not given yourself a second chance, *sigh* like me lor.
Again I would like to say, it is ok to try something and feel regret later rather than you REGRET later that you have not tried anything at all in your life.
Life is short, so lets enjoy life to the fullest!