Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hey Mr Thief! You Are Being Watched!

My brother woke up one morning last week and found the money in his and the wife’s purse which they left by the bedside, two hand phones, a bag, gold chain, touch N go from the car were missing. When they checked thru their house, they found that the house keys and car keys were lying on the floor, other than that everything were intact.

The first person they suspected was their Indonesian maid which she denied she has anything to do with it. There was no proof that she did it and according to my brother, she can be trusted. Well, for me, hmmm ...frankly I dont trust anyone.

Although my brother reported the case to the police station, they are not able to claim any losses from the insurance company because there were no sign of breaking in.

Now my brother is seriously thinking of installing the ADT security system at home like the alarm and home security surveillance system. It should be a good move to keep his house under monitoring 24 hours a day and 7 days and week.

With the crime rate and burglary on the rise day by day, a good home security system is important to help minimize the chances of you and your family dealing with these crimes, it also provide safety for a family and give complete peace of mind whether we are at home or away from home.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh Dear, What Happened To My Pearl!

I used to get the part time gardeners to cut the grass at my garden last time. Later I paid them to plant the pearl grass which cost me RM600.00 (was cheated) but the result was not satisfactory because the soil were not properly treated before they started planting the pearl grass.

Wild plant stated invading my pearl territory since I stopped gardening last year because of the neighbors.

All these plants below were actually moved from my garden to the back of my house temporarily, waiting for 'the bad neighbour to move out', hopefully soon.

My empty pots which were once grown with flower were kept at the back of my house too waiting for 'the bad neighbour to move out', hopefully soon!

I need a zero turn mowers to clear the wild grass or an excavator to dig and loosen up my garden so that I can start planting beautiful grass and flowers when 'the bad neighbors move out', hopefull soon. Hehe I am actually talking out of anger. What I need is actually some proper garden equipment like a hoe and a post hole digger to dig some holes and do my planting.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Dine Out

Today dinner at Dragon-i Restaurant, I-Utama with younger son. We were greeted by the terracotta at the entrance.

Shanghai dumpling. This is a cold dish, pork with jelly fish. In the menu the picture looks tempting but not the real thing and the taste. But I like the jelly fish.

TianJin meat bun. Couldn't finish, so 'tapau' back home.

Sweet sour king prawn.

Spicy beef noodle. Son said the noodle is nice.

Seafood fried rice.

To me, thinking of what to eat and what to cook is really a headache. I can't be eating out everyday because it is too costly; 2nd, outside food is not so healthy, it is too oily and most restaurant use recyled oil to cook; 3rd, not sure whether the vegetable is properly clean etc........ so once in a while eating out is no problem but not everyday Hor!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Please Keep In Touch

My friend, Angie, has just got married not long ago and has since been relocated. Being so used to directv at home she was worried she will be missing all her favorite programmes and will be bored in the new environment. She decided to find a suitable Direct TV service which provide entertainment and at the same time not too costly. But now I doubt she will have the time like before for Directv. LOL

There are directv in NY, CA, FL etc.... So entertainment is really not a problem when I am old and wherever I will be. I think I am worrying too much and been thinking too far as if I will live up to 100 years old like our fellow blogger, foongpc. LOL

Anyway, I will be visiting Angie with 2 of her friends in July. She has helped us booked our returned ticket from 15th July. So, stay tuned for my update ok!


Monday, June 15, 2009

I Came Back Hungry

After shopping at Sunway Pyramid last Sunday, my son suggested we go for something to eat. That was when the argument starts again:

son : Korean foods.

me : Chinese foods.

son : Siamese foods.

me : Chinese foods.

son : Japanese foods.

me : Ok, ok, ok! Anything lah!

At last we decided to go Sushi Zanmai for sushi although I was so persistent about Chinese foods.

The foods were cold I had to drink many cups of this hot tea to help warm up my stomach. I ate 3 pieces, not 3 plates, of those shushi and that is, and find it terribly stinking. Thousand apologies to all you sushi lover, sorry to sushi outlet owners, sushi friends, sorry, sorry, sorry for my comments.... Anyway, my son enjoyed the food and looked at the way he ate you know foods is nice. Waiter checking whether we ate enough to get the free voucher. Off course we didnt get any voucher and hopefully not because that would mean return again.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home Is Where I Want To Be

I admit I am not a perfect neighbor but I am a friendly neighbor and will never ignore an acknowledgement even from a stranger. But I also admit I am being forced to be a choosy neighbor and only initiate a conversation with neighbor which I think can be friends.

I cannot be staying inside my house all the time. I need to breath and I need to do my gardening. The trouble is the terrible neighbor at the left hand side is really irritating. I have tolerated them all these while by ignoring them. ‘Shoo… shoo… go away’, I told them softly and off course they didn’t hear me. Well, if it makes them happy, then go ahead, just hope they don’t coup up and end up with having illnesses. What a silly way to release their tension.

To avoid seeing them, I have some ideas but not sure yet to do it. See, while I was shopping for lightings this afternoon; I found this shop providing custom made pergola and I think a pergola at the left hand side of my garden with blinds should be a good temporally solution to my problem. So when I don’t feel like seeing the terrible neighbor, I just have to pulled down the blinds. And with some beautifully designed lightings, furniture and furnishing it should be a great place for me to relax, do my gardening, reading and even blogging inside. Hahaha, don’t you think that is a great idea?

Now, I am going to look for some fine art lamps for my private, cozy corner.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Switch On The Light, Please

While I was cooking one day, my kitchen light suddenly went off with a soft sparkling sound and I smell something burning.

Wao, that was nothing to joke about at all. It seems like a small matter but it could lead to big fire too.

Actually I have just changed the lighting from an ordinary fluorescent light to a fancier one thinking more expensive one would be safer. Too bad it turn out to be opposite.

After the incident, many things came to my mind:

1. What is the cause of the problem?

2. Who is at fault? Was it the manufacturer, the contractor or my house wiring problem?

3. What type of lighting should I go for?

4. Which brand is safer and more durable?

Whatever is the reason, I still have to have lighting in my house. Now, let me plan a little what lighting to use before I call in a contractor.

For the kitchen I will always stick to fluorescent light with extra brightness to make sure I can see all the tiny worms hiding in the vegetable and to avoid adding sugar instead of salt to my cooking or vise versa.

For dinning hall, I would like something dimmer because on a table, there should be enough light to see the person across the table but not too bright that distract from the mood of the candle like kind of mood I am creating.

And the planning goes on for my hall downstairs and upstairs, my room, my children’s rooms, etc. Not an easy task because I would like to have some beautiful designer lamp which might involve more money. But I think it is worth the money because a beautiful lamp is like an art and it does not only help brighten up, it helps beautify our rooms. So there will be some fancier designed lighting to replace the outdated ones.

I think I will go visit some online store like shopwiki for some lamps buying guides.