Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home Is Where I Want To Be

I admit I am not a perfect neighbor but I am a friendly neighbor and will never ignore an acknowledgement even from a stranger. But I also admit I am being forced to be a choosy neighbor and only initiate a conversation with neighbor which I think can be friends.

I cannot be staying inside my house all the time. I need to breath and I need to do my gardening. The trouble is the terrible neighbor at the left hand side is really irritating. I have tolerated them all these while by ignoring them. ‘Shoo… shoo… go away’, I told them softly and off course they didn’t hear me. Well, if it makes them happy, then go ahead, just hope they don’t coup up and end up with having illnesses. What a silly way to release their tension.

To avoid seeing them, I have some ideas but not sure yet to do it. See, while I was shopping for lightings this afternoon; I found this shop providing custom made pergola and I think a pergola at the left hand side of my garden with blinds should be a good temporally solution to my problem. So when I don’t feel like seeing the terrible neighbor, I just have to pulled down the blinds. And with some beautifully designed lightings, furniture and furnishing it should be a great place for me to relax, do my gardening, reading and even blogging inside. Hahaha, don’t you think that is a great idea?

Now, I am going to look for some fine art lamps for my private, cozy corner.


Tekkaus said...

Haha :D That's a great idea. :D one can be perfect right. Sometimes we just don't feel like entertaining our neighbours right?

yeah! Molly, I just wanna tell you that my blog address had changed so maybe you need to change the url of the blog that you are following me.

foongpc said...

WoW! I think you just hit the goldmine! OK, maybe not goldmine. But that's a great idea!

Who needs lousy neighbours like that? Set it up ASAP and you can enjoy your gardening without worrying about your neighbour!

Btw, I've got an award for you. Come and collect it, yes? : )

ladyviral said...

I understand how it is to have an annoying neighbor... I have one too lol. She does weird things and keep pushing the blame to my family. She called the cops a number of times to report my family and we didn't even do anything to her then lol. Even the cops knew! The cops told us in Malay "Aiyar always the same lah, we also come here just to see what she wants only. This isn't the first time she done this anyway. Just tolerate her lah."

Anyway, it would be a good idea to pull down the blind when you not interested to see the neighbor. just my opnion, cause I would do the same :P.

ladyviral said...

Came by again to inform you that you got an Award from me for being my blog's top ten commenters. ^-^ Congratulations!

Bengbeng said...

u will love my neighbourhood. everybody ignores each other n drives in n out of their own individual compounds, we all acknowledge each other like once every few years but on the other hand, we know they will assist if we need help in case of emergencies. :)

Tching said...

Out of "sight", out of "mind" (maybe temporarily). I think it's a good idea.


Hello I miss your courtyard. I just love plants and each time I see plants I feel very peaceful. There is so much life.