Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Body Massage

I go for morning walk almost everyday. But I still don't think that is enough exercise for me, so quite often I would go for a body massage, I love it, very relaxing, especially the aroma therapy.

On Tuesday, my friend called me and asked me whether I was free that day. I told her I could take leave or start work later, if she needed my help. Not that, actually she had made an appointment for a massage, and her husband couldn't go with her, and was not nice to cancel in the last minutes. So happily I went with her to enjoy, I thought, the massage.

Ai yoh! that was a real torture. The lady started by giving me a glass of water, then soaked my foot in a pail of warm water. After that she started to work on my foot. That was really painful, I must be full of blockage everywhere, otherwise it shouldn't be that torturing, I was thinking.

As she massage, she told me :

No more red wine, liquor or cold water ya!
I said : OK.
No more late night ya!
No more fried food ya!
OK ..........
Dont eat too much roast pork (my favorite), seafoods, mutton, beef .........
OK..... OK.......OKkkkkkk

Actually I dont have to remember whatever she said, just forget about all the things that I like.

Then she said my body is full of wind inside, must release it!!!!. But I am so flat, no sign of blooming anywhere! My tommy was so flat, like nothing inside. Well, lets see how did she proof it.

After torturing my legs, now hands and body torture (massage).

I dont see her using her strength, but I really felt it. I was shouting, instead of getting angry with her for torturing, I asked her a silly question - was there any super power from up there giving you the strength??? Ha ha ha... of course she wont tell even if is is true lorr. She told me to see my finger, it turned darker. According to her, that was the wind moving out of my body, was that true? Anyway she was the expert, I went to her, so must give trust to her and to my friend who brought me there. I gave them 88% trust. And I paid less then that - RM80.00 for 40 minutes torture.

Came back I slept the whole afternoon... ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

Friday, May 23, 2008

Some Interesting Childhood Memories

I always thought my childhood was not interesting (too poor to have anything) at all, but actually when I started to link my memory to some old experiences, I think I enjoyed more than most of the kids today.

What else could I do in those day? No shopping centre, transport was so inconvenience (you could take a bus to somewhere and if you were late, no more bus to go home), no computer, cinema was so far away, and no matter how I tried, still could not ride bicycle, so everywhere I went was either by bus or walked all the way. The most important thing was, NO MONEY. So what did I do when I was restless :

My house had a very big compound with about 50 mangosteen trees behind, three mango trees in front of my house, 1 durian tree that seldom bear fruit, when it did bear fruits, would be stolen before it was riped. I climbed trees (mangosteen trees) to the highest I could and swing the tree. Once I fell down from the trees because the branch broke. A kind hearted Atok took me home, and worn me not to climb again. Dare not tell my mom about this, until now it is still a secret. I realised some thing from that fall, that is, don't pull the person up immediately, let the person settle down first.

Seaside was so near my house, I could hear & see the sea from my house. I went swimming almost every evening. Frankly speaking, I only managed to float and soaked or played in the water with friends. With no intention to learn how to swim at all.

Sometimes I went to seaside just to feel the sea breeze, listen to the wave, or catch the little fish and let them go again (1 2, 3 4 5 once I caught a fish alive, 6 7 8 9 10 then I let it go again, remember the song?), or I chased the little crab, WAO! so many, plenty of them running for life, "run! run! run for your life, the giant is coming", I could sense them communicating to each other.

I liked to built sand castle, that was really interesting, I loved to do that, and I built really nice castle, but too bad, the wave would come and take all that away from me. Now I only built castle in my dream.

My family rear chickens & ducks for own consumption. During any of the festivals, my job was to catch the chicken and slaughter it. How did I catch them? I chased the chicken until they got tired and catch them. They usually could run very far but when they were tired, they would still run back to my house, frankly speaking, I was also exhausted by then. I caught them and plug the feather at the neck and slaughtered them with a knife. Still remember the sound although I did it with my eyes closed and head turned to left or right, lift the hand a little to close one ear).

When I was 8 years old I cooked for all my brothers and sisters. At the age of 9, I looked after my younger brother who was just few months old for almost a month when my mother went to Singapore for a holiday, when my mother came back, my brother thought I was the mother, and rejected his real mother.

I played football with my brothers, 5 of them. I remembered I chased the ball very hard but never have the chance to get the ball, and when I got it was when they stop playing. They ignored me just like I was transparent and were not worried I might boycott them and no one else to cook for them. Anyway, I was not angry, because I enjoyed running with them without being asked to get out.

I fought with boys my age and won the fight. Sound like so strong ya, may be he gave way, but I really use all my strength to fight.

Once I was chased by a cow. It got angry when I pulled the tail, and when I ran inside the house he followed me in but got stuck at the door, I was so frightened, really, they could have used the horn to poke my backside or stomach.

The rojak from the mamak stall was very nice, and have a very unique taste, till now I still cannot find it anywhere else. I did go back to the same shop but it tasted different from last time. I think was the sauce that make it so different.

The "Yau Cha Kwai" was also very nice, it is fat, not oily, and with a little garlic smell.

The yellow noodle soup with prawn. That is what my sister and I are still craving for but the same taste are no where to be found now.

Good memories make me happy, bad memories help train me a better and stronger person.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


1. Remember few years ago, I went for a seminar, that was about option trading. Before I went I thought investing in share market was just a straight forward things. Put your money in the right place, that's all. That is not true, you must have strategies, that was how the guru speaker could get us to pay thousands of Ringit to listen to him. He made it so interesting and so easy to make money. He thought us how to just leave your money there and go for holiday (certain strategies) then come back to count money, I nearly jumped into it.

My girl friend and I did join the group formed by the students and we found out that not every one was making money, and they were not telling it unless you were really closed to them. But when they made they showed how they did it.

Remember this guy call Halim, he asked me to put some money to get started even though he was making a loss, he said that was because he had chosen a wrong stock, and if he was more careful it would work. And for Phillip, when he make 110% in 1 week, the news spread to all of us, but when he lost money, all kept quiet.

The heat was there, but Belinda and I have decided not our rice bowl, so we put a stop.

2. Recently went for a preview about blogging. And off course after the preview, they asked us to sign up for the seminar. If Monica had not taught me how to get started, I would have paid another thousands of Ringgit for the simple things. Actually to me is not easy, see my boring blog, not colourful at all, but wait, I will soon have time to do something better.

To me typing is not a problem, but other than that, a lot to learn. I just asked Jacky how to type in Mandarin, he told me to click the function and start typing ABC, but which function to click??? I have WinXP alright, but where to find the function? Will find out when I have the time lor. Then I will have mandarin post for my mandarin friends to read.

Now I am still wondering, mmm..... what the guru going to teach in the blogging seminar!!!Curiosity kills the cat!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another Regret

Went to buy a printer with scanner from Low Yat plaza today. After shopping around I ended up buying EPSON, which was also recommended by a friend. Now the problem is I also silly, silly bought the compatible refillable cartridge and ink. Should I use it or not, although the sales girl told me that it is good and will not cause any problem to my printer but I think I still cannot accept it. See, I always have the problem of being con into buying something and regret later.

Another problem with me is, if I think that it is not save for me to use it I will not give it to someone else and spoil their printer. So what can I do with the compatible cartridge now??? Should I waste time driving all the way back to KL to return just for the sake of RM200/= or take a risk with my printer?

"Molly, next time remember to stick to the original. That right, the original, and only the original will not cause you any headache, ok!"
"Why this reminder always comes after something happened, next time remind me before something happen lah, ok or not?"
" Your mind work slow now a day, that why lor, come so late."
(What has happen to Me, talking to myself)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I don't know much about blogging until my dear friend, Monica (can see her blog link to mine?) introduced to me. We were at Genting on 17th & 18th April 08 for a short discovery trip. When she told me she just like to write, and she is only doing that, I was curious. And she told me that it is very simple and that she will teach me. So I immediately tell her OK ! And here I am blogging, a big thanks to you, Monica, and also Ms Grace, who earlier gave the single mom a talk on blogging, which I missed.

I now found out something. Blogging is good for me. You see, I was very upset by the neighbour's attitude, but now, I am feeling much better after voicing from my heart. Now I think that is nothing real bad. Every individual has their own way of life. Most important thing is to be tolerant, friendly and some cooperation. Now I think there is not much they can do about the dogs also. They need money to sent it away and the centre may just put them to sleep, poor thing. I think I will accepted the truth and are willing to live with dogs as neighbour, harmoniously.

Another thing about blogging is that when I am lonely, and all friends are busy, I sit down and blog. I may not be a good blogger, but I am a happy blogger. What is more important than to be happy. I believe all good things will come easy if one stays happy.

Hey, is so easy to be happy, hope everybody find their own happiness lor!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

All about love

The only person who really love you is yourself.

You must love yourself first before you can love other.

God will love those who love themselves.

Love, and you will find love.

Accept love, and love will accept you.

Love is everywhere, in your left, in your right, in front and behind you, love is in the air.

Show your love, and the world will be a better place.

No love? then just show that you care.

Too much love is not healthy.

Well, that is what comes thru my mind.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Warehouse Sales

Last Saturday, before going for morning jog, I found a small leaflet in my letter box :

"Scholl Warehouse Sale
9th & 10th of May 2008
Time : 10.00 am to 6.00 pm "

It is at Subang Jaya, very near to my house.

First thing I thought of is to inform my sister, Armie. I knew being a working lady she constantly needs to shop for shoes. I called her Hand phone, no reply. Well, she had my missed call. So happen my friend, Deanna called to inform me that she had booked the dancing party ticket for me, and I informed her of the sale. Do you know what she say "Molly, the maid is coming over to clean my house and I cant walk out, just grab 2 pair of size 4 for me, I am wearing Scholl, I know you have good judgement." Adoi, how does she know I have good judgement. I have a few pairs of shoes at home which I regretted buying it.

I reached the place at 9.50 am thinking I may be one of the earliest one to be there, but I was so shocked, I couldn't even find a place to park. The whole street was full of cars. I went 2 rounds thinking I could find a nearer place to park, but no, no luck, I have to park miles away and walked to the sales. I seldom go for warehouse sale, that probably was the first time so early. At the place, I could see some people already grabbed what they wanted, boxes and boxes of shoes. I wondered whether they really paid for all that for their own use or they were just shop "tauke" (bosses) buying to resell in their shop.

I was trying to grab but was constantly pushed out by the people, I nearly gave up, but I was thinking that is about sale, it must be good stuff, otherwise it wont be so many people, people are not silly to rush for something which is not good. Anyway I managed to grab 5 pairs of shoes (so long didn't buy shoes la!) When I wanted to make payment only I realized that the line was so long, there were at least about 50 persons in front of me waiting to make payment. My god, I regretted, I should have brought a friend, or my son along, so as they queue up with my shoes I could go another round and find some more (very greedy). Well, no choice, with the shoes in my hand I couldnt even see the person in front of me.

For 5 pairs of shoes I paid RM240.00, cheap or not?

I alway tell my friends, "CHEAP THING IS NOT GOOD, GOOD THING IS NOT CHEAP" But I am happy with what I bought. Some useful things at a cheaper price.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


A friend invited me over to her house for a chat (for gossiping). We sat at her garden and had coffee and very nice cheese cake which I brought for her.

She told me her friend's mother-in-law was charmed (black magic, oh) by the driver, that's why she is giving away money to the driver. And to make the story more real, she said one of her previous maid also carry black magic and after she send her back, all her maids that came after that cant stay long and so many eerie things happened after that.

The new maid just felt sick for no reason and the face and tone will changed whenever she (the maid) talk with her husband. Is that just gossip or real. No body can see the black magic thing, just feeling something is wrong that all. But, well I am all ears for her, and yearning for more of that sort of story. Am I "PaKua" (busy body) or what? Well, I think I am just curious. Curiosity kills the cat!

Interesting right, gossip really is interesting. But is it harmful? Any way for this case here, my friend and I are both in a win win situation. she is satisfied she had a good listener, and I am satisfied because I like this kind of story, sound so real and with some proof oh!

What is gossip Hah? In my layman term - gossip is real story that happened to someone or it is just story made up by some (irresponsible or creative?) people about somebody else. It can be hurtful and cause much harm to individual, friendship or a community. It is a form of bullying. We knew all these but yet you & I, uncles, unties, grandmas, grandpas, boys and girls like to gossip. Is like eating curry the hotter the better.

Adoi, my mind is still thinking, real? not real? real? not real? Wah, if really got black magic then I also want to learn leh!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Neighbours

I like neighbours, but I feel my neighbour is taking advantage of my friendliness.

First complaint - She thought she could order me like she ordered her husband around. When I did my house painting, she ordered me not to paint the colour which she didn't like. Ai yoh, Asoh! I already bought the paint and it is my house, not yours. I am going to stay in there, not you loh!! You know what she did, she tell all the neighbours, who were there at that time : "You see, you see, I ask her not to paint that colour, she don't listen and still insist on that." Stop that la, Ah Soh!

Second complaint - After they renovated the house, may be due to feng shui reason or whatever, they removed the rubbish chute? The house don't have a rubbish chute and they put a rubbish bin at my place outside my house, it really peas me off. Why can't she put in her compound in front of her house? Although it is outside my house, still it is my area loh, Ah Soh????

Third complaint : Is about her dogs, (by the way they dog's character is exactly like the owners, the mind a little bid off track, only you and I know, ya!). At first I was quite happy with the dogs, because they will somehow help me guard the house and we were friend actually although they make a lot of noisy, but recently they are becoming a nuisance. The smell is getting unbearable. I think the dog behind the house has diabetic, because the urine is exceptionally smelly, and it happens every morning , whenever I open my back door, the smell rushed in. At first I thought my children forgot to flush the toilet, or some one urine on the floor last night. You know, the dog is so near to my house, whenever he shit, the smell choke me, no lie, is true. The dog in front of the house is no better, it is more stinking. I don't know how to describe the smell, OK, let me try - it is like, if you catch the smell you will definitely feel like throwing out, got it? Understand my torment now?? I have to keep a fan blowing out of my house, to keep the smell out.

My son ask me "Mummy, what is that smell?" " You'll get use to it, darling!" but its been 5 years already, the smell is getting worse, and worse, and worse!

Oh God! please clear my neighbour's block nose, let them come to their senses quickly.

Don't get me wrong OK, I do like dog. Wanna see my Cooper's photos?