Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another Regret

Went to buy a printer with scanner from Low Yat plaza today. After shopping around I ended up buying EPSON, which was also recommended by a friend. Now the problem is I also silly, silly bought the compatible refillable cartridge and ink. Should I use it or not, although the sales girl told me that it is good and will not cause any problem to my printer but I think I still cannot accept it. See, I always have the problem of being con into buying something and regret later.

Another problem with me is, if I think that it is not save for me to use it I will not give it to someone else and spoil their printer. So what can I do with the compatible cartridge now??? Should I waste time driving all the way back to KL to return just for the sake of RM200/= or take a risk with my printer?

"Molly, next time remember to stick to the original. That right, the original, and only the original will not cause you any headache, ok!"
"Why this reminder always comes after something happened, next time remind me before something happen lah, ok or not?"
" Your mind work slow now a day, that why lor, come so late."
(What has happen to Me, talking to myself)


Monica said...

next time be careful my dear! but I have been conned a few times too :-D

molly said...

Hi Monica, Off course I will not trust or go back to this person or shop. But the problem is I will trust another person or another shop again lor, sss or not?

U.Lee said...

Hi Molly, I too recently bought a new scanner, printer and copier, 3 in 1, a Canon.
I got it very cheap about 6 weeks ago when I bought my new Apple Imac 24, my previous computer was 14 years old and on Windows ME! Lots of hiccups and blackouts.
Anyway, I bought the Apple, the 3 in 1 Canon as well a Maxtor 500 GB external hard drive, all together, the store gave me a special price for the Canon. Original price $89.00, I paid $29.00. The External Hard Drive, $189.00, I paid, $120.
Never had a scanner all these years too.
But you would'nt believe it, I still haven't connected the Canon scanner still learning to use my new Apple after 14 years with Windows.
Posted about this on 3rd March, 'Uncle Lee having honeymoon', ha ha.
By the way, is Low Yat Plaza in Jalan Ampang near Jln Pekililing? Lost touch with KL.
Used to stay in Subang Jaya too, right at the back next to oil palm estates in 1983, only a year.
You keep well Molly and have a nice day, Lee.

Sweet Jasmine said...

Hi, Molly...(like calling myself) just swing by from U.lee's blog...I'm just curious with someone having a similar name with me...but I use sweet jasmine in my blog...ha.ha..
I guess we have some things in common...I used to buy things and regret later....too. Better get professional advise before you use that copy welcome to my blog too...Cheers.

molly said...

Hi U.Lee,
L.Yat is at B.Bintang. Ev body buys computer parts from there, it seems cheaper. I wanted Cannon but friend told me EPSON uses individual ink, buy color that run out only. It cost me RM245.oo, yet to check prices else where, no time. The compatible ink cost me RM200.00. Cannot return, so tried on my printer. Just got fixed up today, after 2 days of struggling, so out dated.

Wah! you really can write ya, I like real ghost story. But will not read if it sounds to eerie or too real.

You too have a nice day!

molly said...

Hi Jasmin, Welcome to my blog.

Regret not neccessary is bad. I think the biggest regret is, regret never have done this or that or anything before. Like the skeleton picture in U Lee's blog.

Learning to express in my blog, hope you understand what I am trying to say.

Will drop by your blog! cheers

U.Lee said...

Hi Molly, wow! Nice new profile pic you have. But I like previous one...looks...ahemmm, more alluring, ha ha.
Glad to hear your printer okay...
You stay beautiful and keep well, best regards, Lee.

molly said...

hi U.Lee, This picture is the innocent me, the previous one is the matured me. I wish the time can go backward ma!

U.Lee said...

Hi Molly, to me, a matured woman always have that beautiful, assured, self confident, and most times a sensual look wife is 62, and she is still as glamourous and more beautiful than when I met her.
She has maintained her looks and figure all the years.
You look good now, Molly, Brandy with age becomes XO, Champagne with age a Cuvee' regards, Lee.

molly said...

Hi U.Lee,
Wah! you really are lucky ya, and so is your wife.
Ya you are right, old is gold. My son told my the way I live, I will become a stone. I am still angry with him now.