Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Body Massage

I go for morning walk almost everyday. But I still don't think that is enough exercise for me, so quite often I would go for a body massage, I love it, very relaxing, especially the aroma therapy.

On Tuesday, my friend called me and asked me whether I was free that day. I told her I could take leave or start work later, if she needed my help. Not that, actually she had made an appointment for a massage, and her husband couldn't go with her, and was not nice to cancel in the last minutes. So happily I went with her to enjoy, I thought, the massage.

Ai yoh! that was a real torture. The lady started by giving me a glass of water, then soaked my foot in a pail of warm water. After that she started to work on my foot. That was really painful, I must be full of blockage everywhere, otherwise it shouldn't be that torturing, I was thinking.

As she massage, she told me :

No more red wine, liquor or cold water ya!
I said : OK.
No more late night ya!
No more fried food ya!
OK ..........
Dont eat too much roast pork (my favorite), seafoods, mutton, beef .........
OK..... OK.......OKkkkkkk

Actually I dont have to remember whatever she said, just forget about all the things that I like.

Then she said my body is full of wind inside, must release it!!!!. But I am so flat, no sign of blooming anywhere! My tommy was so flat, like nothing inside. Well, lets see how did she proof it.

After torturing my legs, now hands and body torture (massage).

I dont see her using her strength, but I really felt it. I was shouting, instead of getting angry with her for torturing, I asked her a silly question - was there any super power from up there giving you the strength??? Ha ha ha... of course she wont tell even if is is true lorr. She told me to see my finger, it turned darker. According to her, that was the wind moving out of my body, was that true? Anyway she was the expert, I went to her, so must give trust to her and to my friend who brought me there. I gave them 88% trust. And I paid less then that - RM80.00 for 40 minutes torture.

Came back I slept the whole afternoon... ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz


Monica said...

but you love mutton so much!!! :-D

I almost cried when I went for a massage in Bangkok. The woman said, "must chase the 'wind' out.." hahaha..

U.Lee said...

Hi Molly, I have only experienced one massage all my life, and that was in Tokyo. Holy Smoke! That matured lady walked on my back....fortunately she was not King Kong's sister, but a lightweight.
I had too many sakis over dinner with my Japanese clients and as next morning had another business meeting, my Japanese recommended I try Japanese massage.
Well, that was my first and last...
the woman who massaged you I guess a very experienced one....I have heard of these people who can 'feel' what your body has. But I believe you when you say 'it's torture', ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

molly said...

Hi Monica, I can forget about mutton now, had enough already.
May be I have killed too many bugs or small animal before, they are taking revenge on me ya! Superstitious me!

molly said...

Hi Lee, I will not allow someone to walk on my back, I am very superstitious, funny ya. May be brought up in the enviroment, have some improvement recently.
I think massage does help. Nowaday can get a massage chair and do it comfortably at home. Will sure get one in future.

Nick Phillips said...

I could do with a good massage. But I think I'll probably be screaming in agony la ... LOL!

Sweet Jasmine said...

wow, Molly..this looks like a foot massage (reflexology)...a very painful one indeed. I had one very bad experience with massage many years ago by a malay sifu til i was admitted to hospital..guess I was quite weak from my illness at that time. But this time my spa massage for this mother's day is really wonderful (see posting).

molly said...

Hi Nick, Without streamyx for 2 days, can you imagine that.
Oh! so you have not gone for a massage ya, I think better not try it, if you get one unexperienced sifu, habis lah!
My neighbour is asking for a fight, what to do with them ya? Any idea???? Ha

molly said...

Hi Jasmine, Very painful indeed, my hand still hurt.
Will consider joining a gym or dancing class for exercise instead. Why pay to suffer ya!