Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Neighbours

I like neighbours, but I feel my neighbour is taking advantage of my friendliness.

First complaint - She thought she could order me like she ordered her husband around. When I did my house painting, she ordered me not to paint the colour which she didn't like. Ai yoh, Asoh! I already bought the paint and it is my house, not yours. I am going to stay in there, not you loh!! You know what she did, she tell all the neighbours, who were there at that time : "You see, you see, I ask her not to paint that colour, she don't listen and still insist on that." Stop that la, Ah Soh!

Second complaint - After they renovated the house, may be due to feng shui reason or whatever, they removed the rubbish chute? The house don't have a rubbish chute and they put a rubbish bin at my place outside my house, it really peas me off. Why can't she put in her compound in front of her house? Although it is outside my house, still it is my area loh, Ah Soh????

Third complaint : Is about her dogs, (by the way they dog's character is exactly like the owners, the mind a little bid off track, only you and I know, ya!). At first I was quite happy with the dogs, because they will somehow help me guard the house and we were friend actually although they make a lot of noisy, but recently they are becoming a nuisance. The smell is getting unbearable. I think the dog behind the house has diabetic, because the urine is exceptionally smelly, and it happens every morning , whenever I open my back door, the smell rushed in. At first I thought my children forgot to flush the toilet, or some one urine on the floor last night. You know, the dog is so near to my house, whenever he shit, the smell choke me, no lie, is true. The dog in front of the house is no better, it is more stinking. I don't know how to describe the smell, OK, let me try - it is like, if you catch the smell you will definitely feel like throwing out, got it? Understand my torment now?? I have to keep a fan blowing out of my house, to keep the smell out.

My son ask me "Mummy, what is that smell?" " You'll get use to it, darling!" but its been 5 years already, the smell is getting worse, and worse, and worse!

Oh God! please clear my neighbour's block nose, let them come to their senses quickly.

Don't get me wrong OK, I do like dog. Wanna see my Cooper's photos?


Nick Phillips said...

I could tell you tons of storied about both my neigbhours la. They're the worst bunch of people I've ever known ... LOL! Looks like I'm not the only one with neighbour problems ... LOL!

molly said...

Hi Nick, Thank you for dropping by, you make my day!
Ya, I think no harm voicing out, it realy helps!
You are laughing, I can't.