Thursday, May 22, 2008


1. Remember few years ago, I went for a seminar, that was about option trading. Before I went I thought investing in share market was just a straight forward things. Put your money in the right place, that's all. That is not true, you must have strategies, that was how the guru speaker could get us to pay thousands of Ringit to listen to him. He made it so interesting and so easy to make money. He thought us how to just leave your money there and go for holiday (certain strategies) then come back to count money, I nearly jumped into it.

My girl friend and I did join the group formed by the students and we found out that not every one was making money, and they were not telling it unless you were really closed to them. But when they made they showed how they did it.

Remember this guy call Halim, he asked me to put some money to get started even though he was making a loss, he said that was because he had chosen a wrong stock, and if he was more careful it would work. And for Phillip, when he make 110% in 1 week, the news spread to all of us, but when he lost money, all kept quiet.

The heat was there, but Belinda and I have decided not our rice bowl, so we put a stop.

2. Recently went for a preview about blogging. And off course after the preview, they asked us to sign up for the seminar. If Monica had not taught me how to get started, I would have paid another thousands of Ringgit for the simple things. Actually to me is not easy, see my boring blog, not colourful at all, but wait, I will soon have time to do something better.

To me typing is not a problem, but other than that, a lot to learn. I just asked Jacky how to type in Mandarin, he told me to click the function and start typing ABC, but which function to click??? I have WinXP alright, but where to find the function? Will find out when I have the time lor. Then I will have mandarin post for my mandarin friends to read.

Now I am still wondering, mmm..... what the guru going to teach in the blogging seminar!!!Curiosity kills the cat!


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Monica said... paid thousands of Ringit just to listen to him?? Molly, your blog is not boring at all! Keep writing ok..;-)

molly said...

Hi Ezzalin, thank you for sending all the interesting links, I was trying to find them earlier especially Tun Mahathir's.
Your cup cakes look nice. Will try next day.

molly said...

Hi Monica, I have paid so much to grow just a little. Luckily I found you, otherwise I would have paid again. I am still curious what guru is teaching in blog seminar,mmmmm...... Curiousity kills the cat!