Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh God! I May Be Carrying H1N1

I am having flu, cough and sore throat. Symptoms very close to the recent epidemic, which make me a little panic now.

I was not worried earlier and have been travelling to Kuching last month to visit my friends and been to some trade show display centre, visit all PC fair exhibit booths at KL Convention Centre, to PD for a break and to the shopping centre for the BIG sales. All those places were very crowded which I think is not advisable to expose ourselves there.

Now suddenly I am down with flu, cough and sore throat. Although confirmed by the doctor that I have no fever I still worry that the medication may weaken my immune system. Now I have to be very careful with my diet, making doubly sure I eat well and keep physical and mentally strong.

I think I should be staying at home for the time being, and not out to spread the flu to others. So just forget about the grand sales and the MATTA fair which will be starting 4th September at the moment.

Look at the *smart* Orang Utan below, unlike me, they have no health problem, no worry, no pressure, no financial need, just live a carefree and happy life!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fresh Air And Sun Shine

Take a cool dip in the swimming pool and relaxing by the pool away from home. That was what I have just done last week and I think I will do it more often from now on.
Went to Avillion Port Dickson Water Challet last week. PD is just about 1.5 hours drive away from where I am staying now and yet I have negleted it so long. The last I went there was more than 5 years ago.

Port Dickson is my home town. I grown up there and my home was just next to the popular seaside at Teluk Kemang. Picture below shown the place where I used to visit almost everyday when I was young, picking seashell either alone or with friends.

I have changed a lot *ol oredi* but the beach is still very much the same.

The picture below is the Blue Lagoon. There were some development there but still looks a little quite.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hey, Mr Postman

I am feeling relieved and in a happier mood recently. Hmm.. Wonder why?

The bad neighbors have moved out, yeah!!!

Since I heard they were moving out few months ago, I have been holding my breath counting the day and hoping that they will not change their mind and stay on.

I am not the only one bullied by them. Their daughter-in-law has moved out earlier because she couldn’t stand the bully too.

Actually their presence were causing me worry and lots of inconvenience. See, I have my own letter box but some of the letters ended up in their rubbish bin, why? Could it be Mr. Postman dropped wrongly into their box or they came stealing it from my letter box while I was out? This has caused me great concern but nothing much I could do about it.

Some of you must be thinking how am I so sure that my letters were missing and they were the one stealing it or Mr. Postman dropped the letters wrongly. Here is the proof:

They don’t have a rubbish chute and they place a rubbish bin in front of my house which irritates me a lot. Sometimes the stray dogs and cats came messed up the bin and there were twice I found my letters inside the bin. I was really angry but I couldn’t do anything, just pretended nothing has happened rather than making a scene out of it.

If you have a bullying neighbor like my ex, I suggest you get a whitehall mailbox with a lock and keep a bull dog for double security.

Now that they have moved, I should praise myself for being so patience, tolerant, good hearted etc…etc… etc.. hehehe....self praise…..