Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Task I Cannot Avoid

Went to the new Toyota Service Centre , Subang Jaya to service my car yesterday. Estimated 3 hours job, so I decided to wait instead of going home. Well, I have no choice, because it is too early to get someone to fetch me home and to those who are working is not convenience too to trouble them.

3 hours wait could means a long time if you are sitting some where hot and stuffy. But at the new Toyota service centre at Subang Jaya, waiting is a pleasant experience. There were many people waiting, some with their laptop, some reading newspaper and there are a few computers for some restless to serf net and get connected while waiting for their car.

I sat comfortably there watching my favourite magic show after reading The Star and Sin Chew Daily papers, sipping coffee and eating sandwich I bought on the way there. Wah, I am feeling so at home.

I used to hate sending car for repair but after yesterday's experience I think I dont mind sending my car for service again in the future.

I know, I know many of you don't have to worry about sending car for repair because there are some one to do it for you, right? Lucky you, but for me, I have no no no choice. I will have to do it myself as long as I want to own a car.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Went to 3K sports complex for a class recently with a friend of my and had lunch at the restaurant inside the building. They serve all sort of foods like Nasi lemak, various type of Chinese noodles, ice-kacang, curry fishhead etc.........
I ordered nasi lemak (RM8.00) with mutton curry,
hmmm....that was my type of mutton curry. Very nice.

And my girlfriend ordered Cantonese noodle (RM5.50) cooked by a Malay chef,

that was not bad but I would still prefer it with pork.

We each had a glass of teh tarik, which both agreed was nice too.

The second day we went back there for a smaller cup of teh tarik after our lunch else where. Hmm... I still have to urge to go back for more teh tarik, I just wonder why?