Monday, June 25, 2012


When I was young, my home used to have many cats.  It was not because my parent likes cat. That was because once the cat comes to the house and if you start feeding them, they will stay, and will never want to go away.  You will end up having many cats at home because cat make baby (kitten) very fast.
It is true, they will never go away no matter what.  You can use a gunny sack to carry it to a place far away but it will manage to come back again.  I am not kidding.  My dad used to take the cat and cycle miles away and left it in the jungle.  The second day we found the cat at home again ‘miao’ ‘miao’ ‘miao’, hey, it is so irritating. And you cannot kill a cat, cannot throw stone at them or else people will said you are ill-treating the cat, and when you go mad because cat steak your food or dirty your place no body bother. Worst is in the small town there is no place like animal center where you can dump them.
So the next time you want to throw a cat away, use car instead, which is faster so it cannot follow you back, haha...
I just dont understand why do people want to keep cat ya? Why? Why? Knowing it is smelly, dirty, cannot be trained, its fur is full of lice and it keeps miao, miao, miao around, which I hate so much. Sorry to the cat lovers ya, I am just curious.
I think I better don’t talk too much about the cat, or else the animal lover will come after me.  But I have to mention here because yesterday my fish was missing from my kitchen AGAIN. And I have to throw away my food each time I see a cat jumping out of my kitchen window. 100% they have already leaked my food with their dirty mouth and throw because I don't want to risk my stomach.

Can you see the cat there outside my window?  I don’t mind giving him a place to rest or sleep but don’t lah steal my fish or enter my house without permission!

And this has just happened today. Can you see the whole package of prawn dropped on the floor.  Luckily I came back fast, otherwise now the prawn in cat's stomach and not mind.

I think I have to think, think, think hard what to do instead of keeping my kitchen window closed all the time and get suffocated.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I Need A Change

I have heard of online marketing courses/seminar, but have not really attended one before. That is why my blog still have not changed ever since I started till now. I realized other's blogs have changed and have gone thru evolution. I can only say WAH! WAH! WAH! What to do, I am a very traditional person who refused changes. Hahaha
I have attended a seminar about Option Trading many, many years ago. That seminar has really changed me. In what way? It made me very skeptical about everything whether it really works or not. I don't trust all these seminars anymore.
When I go for the introductory talk, they made it so simple as if every dumb fool also can do it. And I was very sure I am much better than a dumb fool. So I joined in. That time younger ma, more adventurous lor and got more money lah!
That seminar cost me RM3,800.00 at that time. That amount is considered cheap now but in about 8 or 10 years ago, it was expensive.
Please don't ask me anything about that, I can't remember a single thing they taught about in the seminar, maybe I don't have time in those day to really work on that and I was not willing to take out money to experiment into something I am not familiar with after the seminar.
But now I realize that for improvement, sometime we have no choice but to take risk and thru trial and error.
Anyway, I think I have no choice but to find some time may be next year to fine a good guru to teach me online marketing, otherwise I will soon be eliminated in the cyber world.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's day everyday

Oh, don't you think daddy is important?
Happy birthday               - Daddy pay
Happy mother's day        - Daddy pay
Happy children's day      - Daddy pay
Happy father's day          - Daddy pay

And all the daddy are more than happy to celebrate all these happy occassions with their children.

Are you a father? If yes, I want to wish you a happy father and happy everydays. 

Monday, June 4, 2012


I was in KLCC, in front of Twin Tower last week.  One Chinese girl came to me and asked me for a favor.  She showed me a paper written LCCT.  She said she had just landed in KLIA and wanted to go to the place written in the paper which is LCCT.  Somehow the taxi that she boarded took her to KLCC. 

She wanted me to explain to the taxi driver that she wanted to go to LCCT and not the place he took her, which is KLCC. 

I spoke to the taxi driver and taxi driver showed me a piece of paper written down KLCCT, and a ticket show the amount the Chinese girl paid to KLCC. 

What a miscommunication.  Luckily the Chinese girl next plane was at 6 pm and the time then was afternoon which is about 2 pm. So one + hour to LCCT should be around 3.30 pm, still in time for the plane.

The person who wrote KLCCT should be shot left and right, otherwise he will cause more trouble to other tourists. 

We always say 'Malaysia Boleh', but see, this is another example of 'Tak Boleh' understand lor!

In this case the taxi driver "Boleh" earn another RM80.00 by taking the poor Chinese girl back to the LCCT.

Will you be willingly paying for another person's mistake? 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello, I am home!

Have not been visiting my blog since many hours, days, months ago.  I am feeling like a stranger here Uuuuuuuu, it took me hours to find the key to enter my own home.  Ah! at last I am home again.

You are most welcome in!!!!