Monday, June 4, 2012


I was in KLCC, in front of Twin Tower last week.  One Chinese girl came to me and asked me for a favor.  She showed me a paper written LCCT.  She said she had just landed in KLIA and wanted to go to the place written in the paper which is LCCT.  Somehow the taxi that she boarded took her to KLCC. 

She wanted me to explain to the taxi driver that she wanted to go to LCCT and not the place he took her, which is KLCC. 

I spoke to the taxi driver and taxi driver showed me a piece of paper written down KLCCT, and a ticket show the amount the Chinese girl paid to KLCC. 

What a miscommunication.  Luckily the Chinese girl next plane was at 6 pm and the time then was afternoon which is about 2 pm. So one + hour to LCCT should be around 3.30 pm, still in time for the plane.

The person who wrote KLCCT should be shot left and right, otherwise he will cause more trouble to other tourists. 

We always say 'Malaysia Boleh', but see, this is another example of 'Tak Boleh' understand lor!

In this case the taxi driver "Boleh" earn another RM80.00 by taking the poor Chinese girl back to the LCCT.

Will you be willingly paying for another person's mistake? 


foongpc said...

Hi Molly! You are back blogging! What happened to you and where were you all these while? : D

LOL at KLCCT! OMG! Whoever wrote that! The poor girl! Luckily she managed to board her plane LOL!

molly said...

Hi Foong, Even thought I was not blogging but I often visit others blogs whenever I am free.
Suddenly I think I should keep my blog alive once again.
Can you imaging how serious is it? Wanted to go LCCT but ended up in KLCC. In our BOLEH LAND, anything can happen. Haha