Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sin Nian Lai Lor (Is Lunar New Year 2009)!

Happy Chinese 'Nuer' Year!
There are many ways to wish your Chinese friends a Happy New Year in mandarin, usually auspicious words like:
Nian Nian Hao Yun
Cai Yuan Guwon Guwon
Cai Yuan Guang Jin
Nian nian you yee(yu)
Gong Xi Fatt Chai
Sin Nian Kuai Le
Sin Xiang Si Chen
Pu Pu Kau Sern
It means Prosperity, Happiness, Success, Abundance, Healthy, Wealth, Peace, Joy, Luck ..........
I would like to wish all the Chinese Bloggers :


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Countdown

Chinese New Year is getting closer. Like most typical Chinese, I am also emtying my purse for decorative items for the house, Ang-pow (red packet with money), food and clothing. Apart from that I am also spending my time making sure that my house looks clean and attractive this year so that the prosperity god will visit me as he always does before.

Let me start the countdown before it is too late :

1. 14th - Shop for both big and small lanterns, other decorative items, 2 pots of lime trees and few pots of plants with flower.
- Send greeting cards.

2. 15th - Clean and arrange my wardrobe and get rid of all unwanted clothing.

3. 16th - Paint my gate.

4. 17th - Gardening.

5. 18th - Bake Cookies.

6. 19th - Change new cash notes from bank and get the 'Ang-pow' ready for my children, nieces and nephews.

7. 20th - To clean up my store room, windows, doors, grills, wash curtains, cushions etc...

8. 21st - Shop for my new dress, shoes, handbag etc...

9. 22nd - Send car to mechanic for servicing, make sure it doesn't break down during the New Year.

10. 23rd - Shop for dried food like - red dates, sea cucumber, fish maw, black fungus, tofu skin, rice ......

11. 24th - Make a visit to the wet market - Fish, prawn, chicken, pork, pineapple, mandarin oranges, vegetables, seasonings ....

12. 25th - Chinese new year's eve. I will be busy giving my house a thorough cleaning, to make sure all the ill-fortune are swept away and welcoming the good luck.

Yea it's a handful of chores, so as you'd have guessed, i'm not doing all this by myself. My "maids' will help me.

When I said maids I meant sons :)

This time I will split the job evenly so as not to get grumpy sons this festive season.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Time To Work Hard And Work Smart

Hi everybody, I am back!

Time to start work and start blogging.

During my holiday I didn't forget to visit most of my blogger friends. There are few I didn't visit because I had problem loading their pages and was running out of time to wait, holidaying maaa!!
Anyway, A BIG thank to those who visited my blog. Also special thank to those who left their Christmas and New Year wishes, you are so sweet. *hug**hug**hug*

It's time for me to start working like a dog again.

May year 2009 brings you Great success, Good luck, Good health and Happiness always.

Happy New Year once again and let us pray together that this year will be a good year for all of us.