Friday, May 23, 2008

Some Interesting Childhood Memories

I always thought my childhood was not interesting (too poor to have anything) at all, but actually when I started to link my memory to some old experiences, I think I enjoyed more than most of the kids today.

What else could I do in those day? No shopping centre, transport was so inconvenience (you could take a bus to somewhere and if you were late, no more bus to go home), no computer, cinema was so far away, and no matter how I tried, still could not ride bicycle, so everywhere I went was either by bus or walked all the way. The most important thing was, NO MONEY. So what did I do when I was restless :

My house had a very big compound with about 50 mangosteen trees behind, three mango trees in front of my house, 1 durian tree that seldom bear fruit, when it did bear fruits, would be stolen before it was riped. I climbed trees (mangosteen trees) to the highest I could and swing the tree. Once I fell down from the trees because the branch broke. A kind hearted Atok took me home, and worn me not to climb again. Dare not tell my mom about this, until now it is still a secret. I realised some thing from that fall, that is, don't pull the person up immediately, let the person settle down first.

Seaside was so near my house, I could hear & see the sea from my house. I went swimming almost every evening. Frankly speaking, I only managed to float and soaked or played in the water with friends. With no intention to learn how to swim at all.

Sometimes I went to seaside just to feel the sea breeze, listen to the wave, or catch the little fish and let them go again (1 2, 3 4 5 once I caught a fish alive, 6 7 8 9 10 then I let it go again, remember the song?), or I chased the little crab, WAO! so many, plenty of them running for life, "run! run! run for your life, the giant is coming", I could sense them communicating to each other.

I liked to built sand castle, that was really interesting, I loved to do that, and I built really nice castle, but too bad, the wave would come and take all that away from me. Now I only built castle in my dream.

My family rear chickens & ducks for own consumption. During any of the festivals, my job was to catch the chicken and slaughter it. How did I catch them? I chased the chicken until they got tired and catch them. They usually could run very far but when they were tired, they would still run back to my house, frankly speaking, I was also exhausted by then. I caught them and plug the feather at the neck and slaughtered them with a knife. Still remember the sound although I did it with my eyes closed and head turned to left or right, lift the hand a little to close one ear).

When I was 8 years old I cooked for all my brothers and sisters. At the age of 9, I looked after my younger brother who was just few months old for almost a month when my mother went to Singapore for a holiday, when my mother came back, my brother thought I was the mother, and rejected his real mother.

I played football with my brothers, 5 of them. I remembered I chased the ball very hard but never have the chance to get the ball, and when I got it was when they stop playing. They ignored me just like I was transparent and were not worried I might boycott them and no one else to cook for them. Anyway, I was not angry, because I enjoyed running with them without being asked to get out.

I fought with boys my age and won the fight. Sound like so strong ya, may be he gave way, but I really use all my strength to fight.

Once I was chased by a cow. It got angry when I pulled the tail, and when I ran inside the house he followed me in but got stuck at the door, I was so frightened, really, they could have used the horn to poke my backside or stomach.

The rojak from the mamak stall was very nice, and have a very unique taste, till now I still cannot find it anywhere else. I did go back to the same shop but it tasted different from last time. I think was the sauce that make it so different.

The "Yau Cha Kwai" was also very nice, it is fat, not oily, and with a little garlic smell.

The yellow noodle soup with prawn. That is what my sister and I are still craving for but the same taste are no where to be found now.

Good memories make me happy, bad memories help train me a better and stronger person.


Monica said...

Molly, it sounds like you had a very interesting childhood. The cow...hahaha..i can imagine you must be very cute!!! :-D

molly said...

Hi Monica, I didt feel funny at all until I penned it down. The seaside is no more the same now. Full of building around it.

Sweet Jasmine said...

molly - Love reading your childhood days...very interesting. Mine was also quite similar with yours except I do not live near the sea. You must be very mature for your age..looking after yr bros and sisters while mum was away. I used to slaughter all the chickens we rear...'coz nobody dares to cut the chicken's throat...even the neighbour's chicken too...and I get to keep the livers and gizzards..which I love to eat... as my wages. Now children had less time to play and relax... more stress with their books and exams......

Have a nice weekend.

molly said...

Hi Jasmine, Ha, you too had a very interesting childhood ya, doing business at such young age.
Sometimes I sent the chicken to the Neighbour Atok's house, asked him to help me with it without paying him anything, feel so bad now. He usually will say prayer first before he slaughter.

U.Lee said...

Hi Molly, really enjoyed reading of your early days. And you're right, what with no computers, my time TV not even invented yet, only radio, and cinemas.
Wow, you sure a real tomboy, ha ha, looking at your attractive profile pic cannot imagine you climb mangosteen trees. But these trees are the easiest to climb.
I can climb any tree except coconut trees.
Couldn't help laughing read of you catching chickens and slaughtering them. I too at a very early age was asked to catch chickens for dinner, but funnily enough, I remember one big, red Rhode Island hen, I called her "Kiki"...I reared her from the time she came out of the egg and would follow me everywhere, I never allowed anybody to slaughter her, as she was my pet. So her life was spared.
To read of you fighting, playing football, ha ha...yes, those days we all have to find ways of entertaining ourselves.
Only mine was more on pranks, ha ha.
I did a post like yours here, "Berenti, siapa jalan sana", on 2/26/08 in archive,...was during the emergency time, if free have a look.
Molly, I checked re comments meant for me redirected your place...I Don't know why...but hope its okay now...thanks again, you keep well, and have a nice evening, Lee.
Oh ya, Molly, please call me "Lee", no need the 'uncle, ha ha.

molly said...

Hi Lee, Dont judge a book buy its cover. I am a gentle women, but I do anything a man can do . Started when I needed to protect my 2 sons, now is becoming a habbit. That is why lor, have to find a way to show my neighbour that I am tough, not as gentle as I look! How to show leh, no muscle.

U.Lee said...

Hello Molly, I suddenly remembered you come from Port Dickson, Telok Kemang. The name sounds very familiar, but can't klik in my rusty head. Used to go PD almost every other week back in the 50's and 60's...either camping or stay at rented bungalows.
I did a posting re Port Dickson..."What happened to JT's Sarong", 3/6/08 about a rented bungalow which was haunted.
I heard from friends PD now changed a lot with hotel resorts etc.
Anyway, is Telok Kemang near 7th mile? Or 12th?
I do remember Sungei Udang, after PD enroute to Malacca, had a friend staying there, used to go when rambutan season.
Couldn't help smiling you have to show your neighbour you're tough, ha ha. But sometimes a smile better than muscles? Ha ha.
Stay easy, molly, Lee.

molly said...

Hi Lee, I was staying in 7th mile, Telok Kemang. Rumor said that river had a big crocodile, so every time passed by to aunty's hse was hoping to see one.
I have not gone back for a long time. Hoping to make a trip back, and hope to see my secret admirer, I dont know I will shock him or he will shock me by our looks.
Dont worry no fight, because I carried a smile every where I go, although my heart may not be smiling.

U.Lee said...

Hi Molly, Ahhh, no wonder that name Telok Kemang rang a bell in my head. Used to go to 7th mile old days.
I remember there was a boy's college, military college if I remember in PD.
Used to go Cape Rachardo too....but only twice saw the whirpool, depends on the tide.
Ahaaa, ada secret admirer, huh? Good for you, Molly. Nothing like having one to keep the blood flow moving, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

U.Lee said...

Hi Molly, many happy returns of the day, with lots more to come.
Wishing you lots of smiles and sunshine always, Happy birthday, Lee.

molly said...

Hi Lee, Thank you. I was wondering how did you know about my birthday. Ok! just found out at Monica's blog. My birthday is 26th of May, year is not important!