Monday, May 12, 2008

Warehouse Sales

Last Saturday, before going for morning jog, I found a small leaflet in my letter box :

"Scholl Warehouse Sale
9th & 10th of May 2008
Time : 10.00 am to 6.00 pm "

It is at Subang Jaya, very near to my house.

First thing I thought of is to inform my sister, Armie. I knew being a working lady she constantly needs to shop for shoes. I called her Hand phone, no reply. Well, she had my missed call. So happen my friend, Deanna called to inform me that she had booked the dancing party ticket for me, and I informed her of the sale. Do you know what she say "Molly, the maid is coming over to clean my house and I cant walk out, just grab 2 pair of size 4 for me, I am wearing Scholl, I know you have good judgement." Adoi, how does she know I have good judgement. I have a few pairs of shoes at home which I regretted buying it.

I reached the place at 9.50 am thinking I may be one of the earliest one to be there, but I was so shocked, I couldn't even find a place to park. The whole street was full of cars. I went 2 rounds thinking I could find a nearer place to park, but no, no luck, I have to park miles away and walked to the sales. I seldom go for warehouse sale, that probably was the first time so early. At the place, I could see some people already grabbed what they wanted, boxes and boxes of shoes. I wondered whether they really paid for all that for their own use or they were just shop "tauke" (bosses) buying to resell in their shop.

I was trying to grab but was constantly pushed out by the people, I nearly gave up, but I was thinking that is about sale, it must be good stuff, otherwise it wont be so many people, people are not silly to rush for something which is not good. Anyway I managed to grab 5 pairs of shoes (so long didn't buy shoes la!) When I wanted to make payment only I realized that the line was so long, there were at least about 50 persons in front of me waiting to make payment. My god, I regretted, I should have brought a friend, or my son along, so as they queue up with my shoes I could go another round and find some more (very greedy). Well, no choice, with the shoes in my hand I couldnt even see the person in front of me.

For 5 pairs of shoes I paid RM240.00, cheap or not?

I alway tell my friends, "CHEAP THING IS NOT GOOD, GOOD THING IS NOT CHEAP" But I am happy with what I bought. Some useful things at a cheaper price.


Monica said...

OMG that is so cheap!!! :-D

grace said...

I am very proud of you ! keep it up CHEER !

molly said...

Hi U.Lee,

Thank you for popping over my site. Will be popping over to yours.
Cooper is a Shihtzu, very lovely dog.