Sunday, May 11, 2008


A friend invited me over to her house for a chat (for gossiping). We sat at her garden and had coffee and very nice cheese cake which I brought for her.

She told me her friend's mother-in-law was charmed (black magic, oh) by the driver, that's why she is giving away money to the driver. And to make the story more real, she said one of her previous maid also carry black magic and after she send her back, all her maids that came after that cant stay long and so many eerie things happened after that.

The new maid just felt sick for no reason and the face and tone will changed whenever she (the maid) talk with her husband. Is that just gossip or real. No body can see the black magic thing, just feeling something is wrong that all. But, well I am all ears for her, and yearning for more of that sort of story. Am I "PaKua" (busy body) or what? Well, I think I am just curious. Curiosity kills the cat!

Interesting right, gossip really is interesting. But is it harmful? Any way for this case here, my friend and I are both in a win win situation. she is satisfied she had a good listener, and I am satisfied because I like this kind of story, sound so real and with some proof oh!

What is gossip Hah? In my layman term - gossip is real story that happened to someone or it is just story made up by some (irresponsible or creative?) people about somebody else. It can be hurtful and cause much harm to individual, friendship or a community. It is a form of bullying. We knew all these but yet you & I, uncles, unties, grandmas, grandpas, boys and girls like to gossip. Is like eating curry the hotter the better.

Adoi, my mind is still thinking, real? not real? real? not real? Wah, if really got black magic then I also want to learn leh!

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Monica said...

hahaha...Molly, you are so funny ;-) Anyway, keep it up! nice blog..