Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hey, Mr Postman

I am feeling relieved and in a happier mood recently. Hmm.. Wonder why?

The bad neighbors have moved out, yeah!!!

Since I heard they were moving out few months ago, I have been holding my breath counting the day and hoping that they will not change their mind and stay on.

I am not the only one bullied by them. Their daughter-in-law has moved out earlier because she couldn’t stand the bully too.

Actually their presence were causing me worry and lots of inconvenience. See, I have my own letter box but some of the letters ended up in their rubbish bin, why? Could it be Mr. Postman dropped wrongly into their box or they came stealing it from my letter box while I was out? This has caused me great concern but nothing much I could do about it.

Some of you must be thinking how am I so sure that my letters were missing and they were the one stealing it or Mr. Postman dropped the letters wrongly. Here is the proof:

They don’t have a rubbish chute and they place a rubbish bin in front of my house which irritates me a lot. Sometimes the stray dogs and cats came messed up the bin and there were twice I found my letters inside the bin. I was really angry but I couldn’t do anything, just pretended nothing has happened rather than making a scene out of it.

If you have a bullying neighbor like my ex, I suggest you get a whitehall mailbox with a lock and keep a bull dog for double security.

Now that they have moved, I should praise myself for being so patience, tolerant, good hearted etc…etc… etc.. hehehe....self praise…..


chubskulit said...

good for you!

foongpc said...

Hi Molly, been awhile since I last dropped by here. How are you?

Wow! You must go and celebrate your neighbour's moving out. Haha! Finally, yes? You've been complaining about them for so long!

Well, just cross your fingers that your new neighbours will be much better! : )

Tekkaus said...

The bad neighbour has moved out? Good for you. Mine is still staying put. =/ least you can have your peace of mind right now. Hopefully they won't return. Ha :D

Tching said...

I used to have a neighbour staying opposite who put their rubbish bin in front of my house. It's very irritating when we want to leave the house as it tend to stand between the way. On a few occations, i accidentally hit the rubbish bin. Those were really inconsiderate people.

Pete said...

Wooo, where are they moving to? better not buy property near them!

ladyviral said...

Hi there... wow I haven't been here for sometime.. wonder why my blogroll didn't update your blog.. hmm...

finally bad neighbors moved out! I want my bad neighbor to move out too -_-. Because I want a do gin my house :D.