Thursday, June 18, 2009

Please Keep In Touch

My friend, Angie, has just got married not long ago and has since been relocated. Being so used to directv at home she was worried she will be missing all her favorite programmes and will be bored in the new environment. She decided to find a suitable Direct TV service which provide entertainment and at the same time not too costly. But now I doubt she will have the time like before for Directv. LOL

There are directv in NY, CA, FL etc.... So entertainment is really not a problem when I am old and wherever I will be. I think I am worrying too much and been thinking too far as if I will live up to 100 years old like our fellow blogger, foongpc. LOL

Anyway, I will be visiting Angie with 2 of her friends in July. She has helped us booked our returned ticket from 15th July. So, stay tuned for my update ok!



Joops said...

I miss our Direct TV too, its nbow avaialble in our current location..

ryliej said...

When we were relocated, I feel bad for my daughter who got used to having direct tv because she love the pinoy channel shows..

ladyviral said...

Have a good trip hor! Make sure to bring more pictures for us ^-^.

foongpc said...

Oh! You mentioned about me! Haha!

Going to USA for holiday? Wow! Hope you have an enjoyable trip!

Btw, congrats for being FC on my blog! : )

Tekkaus said...

Haha :D Yeah! If only we could live up as old as Foong. Ha.

DirectTV? Never heard of it. But well as you said...entertainment is not an issue in US at least not in NY right? :D

- c H i E n - said...

where's your friend living? USA right if I am not wrong, according to your post?

Well, they have better shows there!
I am spending so much time downloading US dramas from here!

Bengbeng said...

have a good trip

Tching said...

Having vacation overseas aye? I'm so envy of you! Do write a bit and show picture a bit when you are back.


Angie is now a lady of leisure and she is so lucky to have Vincent. I hope to visit her one day and I am glad that she can take you and her friends around when you all are there.

She and Vincent are so generous to accord you and her friends such great hospitality which is hard to come by nowadays. As the saying goes "In a happy home there is always room for another".

Have a great holiday.