Friday, February 6, 2009

To All Who Are Single Again

Another friend of mine, who is single again is getting married.

I admire her courage to take up a new relationship.

For me, I have lost interest, lost confident, lost the courage to do that. Otherwise I would have been a millionaire's wife now.

Actually someone who is a friend of my childhood friend were interest in me and came promised me love, roses, money, travelling ... the promises given to me were so tempting but I still cant do like the frog in Ipoh, to close an eye and jump into the millions.

Well that is over now and it is alright for me because I am feeling as free as a bird and I am keeping myself busy and happy, although occasionally I am facing a different kind of pressure being a single but compared to the pressure given by a partner, this is nothing.

I am not trying to discourage anyone from a new relationship, but if you think you really have found a person who can be trusted, then go ahead and go ahead to regret if you found that is a wrong decision. Rather than you sit and regret you have not given yourself a second chance, *sigh* like me lor.
Again I would like to say, it is ok to try something and feel regret later rather than you REGRET later that you have not tried anything at all in your life.
Life is short, so lets enjoy life to the fullest!


Tina said...

life is short and it should be enjoyed to the full too right!

I hope you can find someone for you Molly in time :)

foongpc said...

yes, life should be enjoyed to the fullest! It's better to try and even if it's a wrong decision, it's better than not to try at all. However, certain things we should never try especially if the price to pay is too high like trying drugs, or having sex without protection.

Bengbeng said...

Molly, as for me i went into marriage blindly, i didnt know wat i had let myself into. it has been a difficult journey but through dogged persistence we have persevered until this day.

if i could relive my life, perhaps i might have done no different. it was just our karma to be together through thick n thin.

Molly, don't give up or be afraid to venture out again

Nick Phillips said...

I agree with you, life is short so make the most out of it :D

xin said...

totally agree. life is too short for regrets and look backs. so, only look whats ahead of us :)

Tekkaus said...

well..I believe it's okay to get involved again. No doubt it will take a lot of courage! Of course we have to be ready with the backlash! Anyway if I have kids...I will just give my all to them! =)

Imelda said...

im singfle again but im willing to give it another try, to a right person.

Life Ramblings said...

listen to your heart and have the courage to follow what it tells u.

happy valentine's day!

Buzzing J said...

The secret to the happiness in life is ... I'm sure you'd know better than me. Have a Happy Day, Always!

foongpc said...

hi molly, you are tagged : )

Jacky 钟金良 said...

Love can change a lot of things. Be brave to accept someone who wish to be your companion, companion. +U! :)

True love said...

Molly, enjoy reading your post ! Though I have gone through a bad patch in marriage, at times I also don't understand why do I get into this...but since it has come to an end...I will move on and continue to love and be loved. At least I will not regret right ??

Hope said...

Hello Molly

From a single mum's point of view. Honestly, I would rather concentrate my energy on doing something I like rather than being attached. To be attached again would mean losing your freedom you have earned.

Ultimately cooking, marketing, washing, household chores blar blar are all your responsibilites. Do you want that my dear?

Advantages as a single again has its advantages. Most importantly look after yourself and your children. Don't vent your anger on another married man and wreck their family. This is a grave sin and it will only give you misery and heartache in the end. It is better to eat bread crumps rather than a banquet with no peace.

Keep blogging. Be happy and smile from the heart. It strenghtens your soul. Our earthly life is only temporarily. We should look for eternity.

JoMel said...

Hi Molly, I remarried last year to a wonderful man who's been the best father to my two girls. After my first husband lost his fight to cancer in 2005, I was apprehensive and really afraid of committing too much emotion into another relationship for fear of not being able to recover should anything bad happen for the second time. And yet, I am also a firm believer of second chances and of finding happiness (rather than waiting for happiness to find me), so I stopped letting the "what ifs" bother me, and just put my faith in God and in myself. I've not turned back since. I have no regrets, and I have never been happier. If you should meet someone whom you can trust, and who loves you and your children, then I'd say, go for it. Being with someone who loves you and whom you love, will not compromise your freedom at all.

Anonymous said...

Yes!you are right.Being single is heaven and its better than have some stranger take control of your life.It's amazing how we all grow up and over time we feel like we have found 'the one'.Only to realize later that it was such a mistake.You are lucky to be single again.Enjoy the bliss and please don't ever get into another relationship.It's just too much pain.You have tried it once,just be happy that you got out of it.Friends are much better than a partner.At least you don't have to fear when you talk to them and you have complete freedom in your life.If you are single you have more time towards your family,friends and relatives and don't forget that you can help whomever you want and never be questioned as to why you should have helped the other person.Stay happy like you are now and take care.