Sunday, June 8, 2008

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Christy, You Are One Year Younger

Went for a meeting with some friends today, they were Christy, Angie, Christine, margaret, Delia, Lilian, Deborah, Philo, Agnes, Sherrie and myself, for lunch. We were there to celebrate Christy's birthday.

Here again to the birthday girl, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We met at Spring Valley Restaurant at Mid Valley for Dim Sum Buffet. I was quite happy to find out the wide spread and variety of foods served by the restaurant.

The food they served were - all types of Dim Sum (steam, baked and fried), Sweet Sour fish, pork trotter, 2 types of fried prawn, fried chicken wings, black pepper pork stomach soup, fried rice and noodle, roast duck and steam chicken (freshly chop upon request), pancake rolls with roast duck and cucumber, Seafoods porridge, fruits, salad, desserts like Soya Jelly with Longan, Herbal Jelly, etc.. etc.. etc... and each one was served a bowl of sharks fin soup.

You would be surprised to see how much some of the people there could eat, including some of my friends and myself. I dont have the space in my stomach to put the 'siew mai', which is my favorite and a must eat dish whenever I go for Dim Sum, and the glutinous rice with filling 'Lo Mai Kai' and many other dishes ......

Per head is RM29.80 + 15%(not sure sales or service tax? Buss. hrs : 11.00 am to 2.00 pm). I think the price is reasonable, anyway, is cheap because I don't have to pay for it, the birthday girl paid all. Thank you again birthday girl.

Just remembered the foot reflexiologist asked me not to eat too much fried or roast meat, I forgot. I am not only a little over eat today I also ate most of the roast suckling pig at last night's dinner, because most of my family member don't take that, and it was my favorite, and I also drank 1/2 glass of Brandy offered (I did say no) to me, how to refuse a good offer? so how? Eat first and worry now lor!


Monica said...

yeah. Eat first, think later!!! hahaha...

molly said...

Hi Monica, That right, cannot worry too much, because all the foods that I like are no good for health, so how? Eat lor! Hahaha