Thursday, June 5, 2008

Some Thoughts Flow Through While Waiting For My Sister


Today is "Agong's" birthday, and a public holiday. I don't prefer to call "Agong" because I am an a Hokkien, so is HM the king's birthday.

Cannot arrange for any long or short holiday because tonight my nephew's little cute baby is celebrating his full moon. Children all having appointment with their own friends for lepak lepak at shopping complex. So I, the "happy mother" is free like a bird, also looking out for somewhere to go. Let me see, go shopping, that's right, shopping. I need new cloths for tonight's dinner and for a wedding dinner next week and the following week, dancing party at Genting Highland.

Not easy to shop for cloth nowadays. Cannot wear too sexy, people tends to think why do I want to wear so sexy, but that has always been my way of wearing cloth, because Malaysia is a hot country ma!

Oh, too bad, my younger sister needs me to accompany her somewhere, so cannot go for shopping. That's good, I can save up. Otherwise, what I earned is not enought to pay for my Credit Card again this month. One more thing I forget, have to prepare "ANG POW" and pay for the party ticket!!!!

My parent has 16 grand children, and if all the grand children marry at the young age like our parent's time, then, let me count, how much I have to pay for the "Ang Pow" soon!!! Wahlao! have to work harder and save harder or else how to give big ang pow. If there is a will, there is a way! Malaysia boleh, Molly also boleh!!!!

There are many ways to double your dollars, one of the sure way is to fold it over and put it into your bank and forget about it for the time being. But with the petrol price keep increasing, only petrol bill is available for folding leh!!!

My sister is honking outside, the time now is 9.30 am. I am sure when I put up this post, the posting time will be something different, still figuring out what to do with it.



Monica said...

have a fabulous weekend Molly!!!

Jacky Chung said...

Agong's birthday in not on 7/6?

molly said...

Hi Jacky, I wrote this post on 7/6 morning at 9.30 am. The date turned out to be 5/6 and the time.... Something is wrong somewhere! Hoo, have to find time to check up. Sorry to confuse you, hahaha

molly said...

Hi Monica, You too, have a nice week end.

molly said...

Hi Monica & Jacky, can you notice the time of my reply, it is 10.54 pm, but it turn out to be 7.53 pm, but the date is correct. What's wrong???