Friday, June 13, 2008

Are.. you.. there...?

A young man went dating with his girl friend at night on a motorbike. The young man has only one helmet so the girl has to go without the helmet. The girl was wearing white long dress with long hair to her waist. She let go her hair to enjoy the windy ride.

Oh! oh! no! a police uncle stop them at the darker corner of the road, thinking, ha ha, some side income coming easy!

UP (Uncle Police) asked the girl : Why didn't you put on a helmet?

Girl : You..... you.... can.... see... me ....???

UP turn to the man and asked him : Why didn't your girl friend put on a helmet?

Man : Girl..friend..? Is there any one behind me? Where, where is she??

UP : You may go now!

That was how they saved up some money for the petrol that night.

My advice to the young couple : Don't play play with Uncle Police, OK!


Nick Phillips said...

LOL! I'd like to try that with Mr. Policeman one day ... good one though ...

molly said...

Hi Nick, Not all the Uncle Police can play play one oh.....

Monica said... funny la this!! :-D