Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blind Leading The Blind

Some of my friends asked me to teach them how to start a blog (hahaha! hehehe! look at my blog). I am not an expert, but I have one, so I cannot say that I don't know how to do it. Any way, below are some simple steps to follows to get started, and if you encounter any problem just email me, or post a comment, I will try to "cari" my "cikgu Monica" for help, OK!

Before you get started, you may want to click on to some of the expert blogger's sites which I link up for reference. (Can you see the link list on the right hand side?)

Now you can get started, step by step :

1. Create an email address if you don't have one.

2. Go to website called http://www.blogger.com/

3. Look for "Create a blog in 3 easy steps" :

Can you see : a) Create an account b) Name your blog c) Choose your template

and : Create your own blog now ? - Click on the orange arrow.

4. When the new page appears, it will be : Create a Google Account :

Fill in the boxes :

a. Enter your Email address

b. Enter password - min 6 characters long

c. Retype password

d. Display name - Enter your name

e. Word verification - type out the characters you see in the box provided

f. Tick the small box that you accept the terms of the service, then click : Continue

g. You will come to a page that says :

a. Name your blog

b. If you name your blog e.g turn-u-off, thus the web address will be :

http://turn-u-off.blogspot.com/, then go to check availability. If the

name is taken then rename.

If OK click : Continue.

5. Choosing a template : choose a template that you like by clicking once on it, then scroll down and click continue.

6. Congratulation your blog is created!!!

7. You can customize your blog. Look for the word "Customize" on the top right hand corner, click on it. Click on the "Add page elements" and choose the page element to add into your blog.

8. Edit "about me".

9. To start posting, click on "Posting" on the left hand top corner, and pour your head and your heart out- then publish it at your blog.

Once you have created your blog, you can edit the content following the instruction. Most of it is self explanatory. You can add your beautiful picture to it for a more personal touch....

A lots more you can do to your blog............

Here are some basic Blogging Tips for us beginners to help us on our way to blogging:

1. Post regularly, try to post something worth posting about... I am trying, knock, knock my head for something worthwhile posting.
2. Stick with only a few specific genres to talk about. Example, if talks about ‘How to grow "Money", then stick to this subject. For me, I find it hard to stick to one, but I am trying hehehe
5. Enjoy, blog for fun, comment on other peoples’ blogs, I am very lousy in this,
6. Some short cuts for your blogging conversations :

:- ) wink
:-( frown
:-D big smile
::-[ ) smile with moustache ..........etc ...........
B2B ------ BUSINESS TO BUSINESS .... etc........

****My little knowledge give me the opportunity to be of service to other in a simple way ***

****Experiences are our best teachers ***


Monica said...

hahaha..since when I become a cikgu..:-D

yes it's true, there is nothing better than experience. Keep on bloggin'!

molly said...

Hi Monica, Yes, you are my teacher. Hehe, now I am going to be a teacher too.

Sweet Jasmine said...

Hi, Molly....you are giving quite a thorough instruction..not bad for a novice...do you know that I too knows nothing about computer when I started my blog exactly a year ago today...? All I could do was was look at other blogs and learn what they put into their blog..and learn how to copy paste...download pictures...edit html..which you have to learn thru trials and errors...and everything will be learn as the days goes by..even now I am still learning..have put another 'keng' template on my new blog here at http://bloggerbin56.blogspot.com/ for more exploration and html editing....

molly said...

Hi Jasmine, You are great, you can learn by looking at others blogs, I still cannot figure out how you put up those picture so nicely and so many other things. Well I will give myself a chance to improve.
Will drop by you new "keng" blog.
Happy blogging!!

U.Lee said...

Hi Molly...I discovered blogs by accident, then read people's blogs, and then started my own, and fortunately I had brought all my old faded diaries and note books, and thus as I am retired, always at home, nothing much to blog about, except history of days gone by.
I learn everything thru trial and error...like now with my new Apple. After 14 years with Windows ME, now Apple's Leopard...but its fun and keeps me occupied.
You stay beautiful and have a nice day, Lee.

molly said...

Hi Lee, You have a very interesting blog, with stories that make people laugh and entertain ... mmmmm.. not sure what you going to blog about, next!