Sunday, June 8, 2008

A lovely note from a friend via email

"Hello Molly

Thank you for coming to my birthday celebration. We met fifteen years ago and you still looked very much the same. It is truly amazing how you have maintained your youth and beauty and keep it, my dear.

Many of my friends at the party did not believe that you are almost half a century old. Anyway age is just a figure to remind us of the year we are born for documentation purposes only! Always remember as the days tick away we fill our lives with joy and happiness all the way.

You have grown in wisdom and your sharing had touched many of us on how you managed to overcome your depression. It is a great lesson that many of us had benefited from your generous sharing. I am surprised that you managed to discern of an incident concerning my personal self in a very logical way. Thank you for giving me that assurance and it was an eye opener which I did not see.

Well I hope that from now on we can be on better footing because I am also in your same situation. I could understand that our friendship drifted apart because you and I were on different playing field. Now that we on the same boat, it will be much easier to find more things in common.

When I bumped into you a few months ago, I was a bit apprehensive intially to talk about my shattered dream but somehow I managed to overcome my shame and shared with you about my brokeness.

Well in life we sometimes have to face the harsh realities. By putting on a strong front does not necessarily mean that we are alright instead we carry that useless troublesome burden on our shoulders with stupidity.

When we live in self denial we are not only destroying our soul, it so robs us of our peace of mind. In my pain and distress, I came to realize that letting go with love gives me peace and joy to live a more meaningful life with or without my life partner.

Have beautiful and lovely day and thanks for joining the party.



Monica said...

Molly, you certainly don't look your age! ;-)

U.Lee said...

Hi Molly, that is a beautiful, warm message to you....I hope Christy has found happiness in her life, sunshine and laughter.
And she is absolutely correct, age is just a number, and you...Molly, your warm, charming beauty is like seeing the moon come up.
Stay beautiful, Molly and hold that smile, best regards to you, your friend Christy, Lee.

molly said...

Hi Monica, Really????
You know first time in my life I put on some weight, it was last month. Now gone back to normal again, I want to be fat like the Ah Soh, properous look.

molly said...

Hi Lee, Thank you.
Christy is my beautiful friend. She definitely knows how to lift me up high.