Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Learning To Live Fully Requires A Life Time Experience

Hey, what has happened to me, some one irritated me and I am feeling abnormally quite inside. I am quite surprised. Usually unhappy happening will make me frown and furious for days or months. Anyway who cares if I feel sad or bad or jump down from sky high. Yes, luckily I did not fall into the silly trap. Nanananana, you cannot catch me! You cannot catch me! So childish, what to do, have to cheer myself up.

I think children does contribute a lot toward my reaction about everything. Seeing them growing up a fine person, that put me above everything, nothing else is more important than that. I like them to come near me, or hug me, or tell me about their feelings, that is enough to brighten up my day.

While I was writing this, a long lost friend rang me. She was looking through the telephone list and was wondering whether I still use the same number. We were good neighbours but have drifted apart, just like my other friend had said, we were in a different playing ground.

She is very outspoken, and like me, she always give logical suggestion and direct answers to the question. No beating round the bush. I like that. I remembered I was in the cross road about an issue regarding my personal health. I could not make up a decision and I was going round seeing not only one, but 9 specialists. Nobody could convince me or said something that make me agreed. When this friend came by, she actually woke me up. Hey, I was thinking, such simple thing and why did I make it so complicated? Well, sometimes god will arrange someone to come by just at the right time. Thanks for calling me at the right time again, dear friend.

Times, good or bad will come and go. The future will come one day at a time. Dont have to rush and no need to worry , it will definitely comes.

But I didnt realized that. When I was young, I was dying to grow up, so that I could go to school like the rest, then I was dying to finish my education so that I could start working, and then I was dying to get married and have children of my own. Now I am dying for my children to grow up and be independent. Life is so unpredictable, who knows tomorrow will ever comes. So enjoy live to the fullest today.

Have a nice and wonderful day!




Nick Phillips said...

I know what you mean. When I was young I couldn't wait to grow up. Now I wish I was a kid again ...

molly said...

Hi Nick, Human being are funny right, when they have something they dont value it, when it is lost they want it back.

Kess & Her Mama said...

Life is precious. Life is fragile. Don't live in the past. Don't live in the future. All we have is the now and here.

molly said...

Kess, You are right, value life.