Thursday, June 26, 2008

Actions and Results

This week has been a pretty busy week for me.

I am working for 3 different companies. Unlike some of the lucky one out there, who only does one job and get sky high pay.

I cannot go without working, not because I am a workaholic, but that is because if I don't work, I will sink, sink, sink to the bottom. So to keep afloat, I have to work.

I think most people are doing more than one job. Lets say you are a wife & mother (1st job), cook and do house chores (2nd job), maintain a job outside (3rd job). See that?

If I were to count like that then I am doing 5 jobs. Am I in the capable group? No, I am in the work hard group, not the work smart group.

Oops! No need to guess, I am not going to tell what I do because that is really not important.

This week I have to get all the things done for one of the job, consider the main one. That is the job I just got increment before and after the petrol increased, celebration!

The others jobs, no matter how I asked and kicked them, they still don't budge. The pay just stop at that level. I think is high time I send an email to the Department GM to make sure my request has submitted to him by his manager. I am not sure which party is going to say : take it or leave it!



Nick Phillips said...

I know how that feels cos in my office I do about 5 peoples work too ... sighhh ..

Monica said...

no matter how I ask and kick them, they still don't budge. The pay just stop at that level.

hahaha...yes, it's time to send him an email Molly!

Tammy said...

I'm sorry things have been so stressful and busy for you. I hope you are having a relaxing weekend my friend. :o)

molly said...

Nick - 5 persons work but 6 persons pay, still worth it. haha

molly said...

Monica - Yes, time has come to face it - take it or lose it. No problem for me, I still have 2 others job to struggle. sigh!

molly said...

Tammy - Actuall it has become a habbit for me, there are less stress compared to time when I just started ....