Friday, August 29, 2008

Indian Rojak

This is Rojak. Indian Rojak. The famous Indian Rojak from Subang Jaya. As nice as the Rojak at my home town in Telok Kemang when I was young.
This is the only Indian Rojak that i really eat and eat and never get fed up of it. Don't tell me about other rojak. I've been conned (LOL not so serious la!) into trying at so many places but none can compare to this one.
The most important thing is the sauce. Really yummy.
The cucumber and the turnip are freshly shredded, very fresh.
All those fried things I don't know what to call it, very nice.
and the freshly fried toufu.
You can add hard boiled egg or cuttlefish, but I prefer it plain.
I usually eat there because next to it there is a Cendul stall. Cendul when buy back home wont be nice anymore, so have to eat there. But today I bought it back because the Cendul stall is not there. So buy back and eat at the comfort of my home.
When I first spotted this Rojak stall, there were a long line of people waiting and eating under the trees with birds and crows above. I was hesitating to eat there. But because it's very yummy, I sometime can drive there alone and join in the crowd.
Today I waited for more than 1/2 hours to get this plate of yummy Rojak for my tea time.
Oh one advice for those who wants to eat there. Make sure you don't look else where while eating. Stare at your plate until you finished all, otherwise the birds and crows may add some droppings in. HA HA HA HA HA


Monica said...

I love rojak except Indian rojak.. LOL..

btw, I have a tag for you here.
Enjoy your weekend too!

Tammy said...

What's that sauce that's with it? It kinda looks like seafood sauce.

molly said...

Monica, rojak is not my favourite food,but this is nice.
Thank you sooooo much for tagging me. Easy one ya?

molly said...

Tammy, that's peanut sauce, not spicy, not too sweet. I am not sure what else they put in to make it so yummy.

Stupe said...

Do you know what is the secret to a good rojak sauce? it's Marie biscuits.

I learnt this from a mamak that used to help out in my mum's store when she was selling vegetarian food. :)

marie biscuits...remember that!

molly said...

Stupe. Thanks for the secret.