Monday, August 18, 2008

I May Be Small, But My Aim Is High. HA HA HA

Guess what I’ve been doing lately?
That’s my business, right? Why bother, right? *sigh* *sigh* *sigh*
Anyway, no body could have guess that because I am such a small fly in this earth. That's not important; the important thing is I've chipped in to help the world. I was not doing anything really big but something in a small way to save this earth.
I went for the 'Save The Earth' workshop again and this time I’ve a better picture of how the
'GABBAGE ENZYME' (GE) could help save ME, my children, my country and the whole world.
I am not only making for my own use and to cool my house, I also have a mission to full fill. That's in December 2008; there will be a group of people including me coming together with the enzyme we made. We are going to gather in one of the river in Klang area and throw the GE into the river.
(Read up how this way could save the fish and water life). That's just one of the places we are going, there are more to come in the future. Let's join hand to save our dearest planet!! Make the GE now!

I was busy going around telling friends how to make GE and asked them to go to the link to find out how to do GE and its usage. Some may thank me for it but some may think that I was wasting my time; I am too small to help save the earth. What a small thinking!
*sigh* *sigh* *sigh*
This is the 2nd bottle 'GE' I am making.
First and 2nd bottle :
This is going to be my 3rd GE 'manufacturing' container.
After that I will start my gardening in a big way!

Looking forward to see my blooming, beautiful garden? He He He!!!



Nick Phillips said...

You should come and talk to my really nature unfriendly neighbour and educate him about saving our planet.

I'll go read up on the link you indicated right after this :D

Iris said...

You'll make the difference:) Keep it up:)

Iris said...

You'll make a huge difference:) The world needs more of you:) Thank you

MisSmall said...

It's the little effort that counts! Kudos to you, gal! "D

claire said...

I'm glad you're making an effort to save our earth through gabbage enzyme. Your ideal is really great and very noble. Some of our association members have also attend this workshop and has started to do the GE for the environment too.
To tell you the truth, there's another way to save our earth from global warming is through vegetarianism. Vegetarian is the best, fastest, safest, effective and easier way to stop global warming by 80%. Meat eating is the major/root caused of global warming. I think you have already know that raising animals/meat eating have cause releasing of gas methane which is more potent than greenhouse gases, deforestation, energy, transportation, water pollution, grain & soya for animal feeding and etc.
Actually the main reason global warming/climate change is happeninig now is due to human unkindness to our co-inhabitant that is animals and environment. This is the law of cause and effect. As you sow, so shall you reap. The animal suffering has to be stop now. Many Masters have came down to earth to warn us but not many listen. Other planets & higher in technologies like UFO or planets similar like earth which is more spiritual lead a life-loving diet, vegetarian diet. Whereas the higher planet or higher heaven do not eat at all. Only eartling people are not aware of it. Vegetarianism is for the long-term benefit, to lessen the karma(bad retribution) and to touch the mercy of heaven.
I hope you will slowly turn to vegetarian diet for the sake of saving earth/world survival. The more people become vegetarian, then we be able to gain more time to address this global warming. Truly, if all people become 100% vegetarian, then the earth will become Eden again. Even animals will stop eating meat because the atmosphere/magnetic field and the destiny of all inhabitants has change for the better.

For more update infos and details, pls watch:

Or our blogs:


Tammy said...

I think every little bit helps and if we all do our share we can really make a difference. :o)

Monica said...

well done Molly!!! I'd love to find out more abt GE and its usage too ;-)

claire said...

Thank You Molly for visiting our blogspot. I'm very happy and deeply apreaciated it. May you always continue your loving effort of saving Earth for a better place to stay. Everyone has to wake up because survival is number one. With God bless.

Penny said...

I agree with you, do our part in saving the earth. We used to throw away unfinished fruits in the fridge but now, there are in those plastic containers, and turning into garbage enzyme in another 4 months or so!