Sunday, August 10, 2008

Every Time Is The Last Time

Surely some of you going to drop jaw when you see what I did to my body and tummy last Sunday. I've promised my body that's the last time I'm going to ill treat my tummy. But ...Promises are meant to be broken. Hehehe


My friend drop by so we decided to eat out the whole day :


9.00 am - Had 'Nasi Lemak' (santan rice) with fried chicken (Er..full of oil) and a cup of 'teh tarik'.


1.00 pm - Had 'Curry Laksa' and 'ice-kachang' at the lane behind Petaling Street. I didn't take photo because there were too many people around. Next time I will take one to tempt the Laksa lover. It's soooo yummy. Forgot all about cholesterol.


That's my favourite place for 'Laksa'. If ever I go to petaling street, is a must for me to eat that. My children and most friends wont want to accompany me there because that place is near to the wet market, so usually I would go alone. But this friend of mine didn't mind. I was happy to know that she enjoyed it, and promised to go with me again.


3.30 pm - Went for durian. The RM4.00 per kilo stall has sold out. Ended up at the other stall. Only the RM8.00 per kg was available, too expensive for me. Took two and shared with my friend. It cost us RM32.00. Only 5 pulps in each fruits but big pulp with tiny seed. Not only the price is higher, the quality is much, much higher than the RM4.00 ones. We didnt forget to bring back 2 husks for drinking water with it at home to avoid heatiness.

5.00 pm - Went for Hokkien fried noodle at Subang Jaya SS15 town centre. Not bad, a lot of lard in it. Hehehe!

6.30 pm - My friend has 30% discount voucher at Baskin Robbins. We decided not to waste that offer. I had one with cup and my friend had one with cone, yummy, yummy...

Had 4 stick of 'satay' or sate (chunks of meat in skewer grilled or barbecued over a wood or charcoal fire), for supper.

At night I felt the durian's heat coming up in my body. Hot, hot, hot! Have to stay in my room, switched on the air-con to coooool down!



MisSmall said...

That's a whole lot of food for a day, missy! :D

Now that you've mentioned it, I vaguely remember that my mum used to make us drink water from the husks of durian. No one ever explains how it works, but maybe I should give it a try since I'm getting multiple ulcers and I'm blaming them on the durian that I had. :/

molly said...

miss - You've not seen us eating like a glutton when we were in Penang.
Almost every hours every minutes my sis-in-law found something for us to eat, and the foods were really nice because she knows well which and where are the nice foods.
For durian husk, add a little salt in the water will be better. Too much salt is bad ya ...:):)

Monica said...

wow Molly, I didn't know you can eat a lot too :-D Good!

Nick Phillips said...

wow, that's a lot of food. Now you've got me all hungry :D

molly said...

monica - To me, mood and food go hand in hand. Good mood eat more, bad mood eat less. :):)

molly said...

Nick - That was because my girl friend is a big eater. Aiyoh, she's small size but really can eat oh!

Tammy said...

That picture of the ice cream is making me drool!

molly said...

tammy - That's really yummy. I havent had ice-cream for a long time.

Kess And Her Mama said...

You're a true blue Malaysian! But, don't have this makan splurges too often, yah?

molly said...

Ok mama! :):)

Lianny said...

Molly, u really should look after what you eat! durian + satay = heat! :)
But the ice cream really looks great! Haha :D

molly said...

Lianny - That's why I am eating green like a cow after that day! :):)

Sweet Jasmine said...

Food is just too good to avoid esp. our yummilicious malaysian food......