Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Weekend

Went to pick up my girlfriend from KEN lll for a get together with other Single Mummy.

After the gathering we went for the HP sale.
Couldn't get the monitor I wanted. But I didn't come back empty handed. That's my tradition to at least buy something small whenever i go for sale. At most of the Sales there're some small and cheap items to lure my money. That's why i always go for sale without much cash in my purse, because below certain amount they don't accept credit card, then i can save up my money. If I found something really worth buying i would normally use credit card if they accept it without charging me extra.
This stretegy has helped me saved some unnecessary spending but also caused me some unnecessary time spent to look for an ATM machine when i found something worth buying which can only pay by cash.
I bought 2 mouse pads each came with a hand rest. That's what i have been looking for. Although that's not exactly what I wanted, but it's good enough.

Can you see that cute little red ladybird in the picture? That's a vacuum cleaner for the computer. It came with 2 batteries. Not sure whether it works, I'm lazy to try it out now.
Each item is only RM5.00. So i spent only RM15.00 that day. I don't know how long these things going to lie around in my house, after all there's always a rubbish bin to collect the rubbish i bought.
Oh, is tea and TV drama time. Let's join in for a cup of coffee together, eh!



Tammy said...

Those mouses are so cute!!! I'm using a Blue's Clue's mouse right now that's my son's because mine broke.

Anonymous said...

i want that ladybirddddd vacuum pls pls plsss...can you get it again for me? is it still available in the market?? that item is not available here in miri so kindly email me your details for bank in transaction purposes...

molly said...

he he he, is a lady bird not a mouse, tammy. This lady bird cannot fly, but just move around collecting dust from my computer.

molly said...

ladybird, I got that in the HP sale. Sales is over and i'm not sure where to get it now leh. May be you can call up HP centre in Miri and ask them if they still have any.
I bought it because once a European friend gave me a ladybird and told me that's for good luck.
So i'm hoping it help to attact good luck for me. :):)
If I happen to see it again, i'll let you know, ok!