Monday, August 25, 2008

Spahgetti, Anyone?

Had spaghetti for lunch today! No choice! No choice! The reason is I cooked too much. Sooo greedy!
Usually I cook spaghetti for my children or for my guests and i'll have something else.
I have the button mushroom cut into big pieces. That's why home cook is special. You can do what you like and don't do what you don't like.
I love cheese but didn't add in cheese because my tummy cannot tolerate cheese, strange!
Oh, delicious! Self praise is no praise. Too bad, no judges here and you cant judge from the look.
1 bottle of Preggo Spaghetti Sauce
5 big tomatos
5 big onions
1 can button mushroom
RM5.00 mince meat
1/2 bowl chopped garlic
1 small bowl tomato sauce
Olive Oil
Salt & pepper
(No sugar, no cheese, no red/green pepper/bassil leave already in the sauce)
Each time I plan a party at home, I’ll cook spaghetti. Although each time no matter how much I cooked, my guests would finish all but I still feel that my spaghetti sauce needs some improvement.
Is there anything that I should or shouldn’t add in? Any tips please!
Any one willing to share the secret of your delicious spaghetti sauce?



MisSmall said...

Me me me! Send some of that yummy spaghetti my way and I promise I'll return the empty plate. :D

And the secret to my pasta? Leggo's pasta sauce. :P And parsley!

Josette said...

Hi there, couldn't resist your title so I came over to your blog! I love spaghetti! And pizza! Wonderful Italian food!

Sorry but I don't have any tips to make any special kind of spaghetti. I tried cooking my own spaghetti dish a few days with the Prego sauce too and it tasted great. :D

SlumbeRaja said...

look yummy... i don't know about the recipe but surely like to eat it...
just dropping by slumbeR@J@!

molly said...

missmall, too bad unable to send via email. to you.
Will try with parsely next time. Thanks :):)

molly said...

josette - I spelled Prego wrongly ya. :(
Pizza and spaghetti are my children's favourite, to them are very yummy. For me, no no.

molly said...

slumberaja - Welcome to my blog.
Will drop by your blog.
Oh, first time I felt that Spaghetti is yummy. I used to make but never try eat it.

Tina said...

delish. theres nothing wrong with cooking too much. theres always room for left overs- unless your on a diet of course lol

molly said...

tina, I cannot take overnight food especially with onion or other vege inside. I will get stomach upset. That's why I feel headache if I cook too much.

Tammy said...

I get my sauce from a bottle, but I do add cooked ground beef, mushrooms, onions and brown sugar to it.

molly said...

Tammy - Ya,with beef should nice.

renet13 said...

oohhh my 4 musketeers' favourite anytime .

QuaChee said...

hands up! hehe. my mum cooks em as well.. lovely! :)