Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Neighbour Is A Barbarian

The neighbour is driving me crazy.
It's not very proper for me to put up a complain here about them but I really have to get it rid of my head, so that I can get on with my life again.
Being a Single Mother is not what I choosed to be, it's god's will. I accepted willingly god's arrangement. But then the touble is some innocent people cannot see Single Mom like me doing better then them.
I may be single but I am not a weak person, I dont like quarrel, and I have my limit.
There is something I want to tell the unethical neighbour :



Ratu Syura said...

awww.. hope you don't let your neighbours get to u too much!! chin up!! single mothers are highly respected in my book.. :)

molly said...

Ratu, you are so sweet. 'Chin up!' I will do that. Thanks

xin said...

yeah chin up! stay strong for your child :)

molly said...

Xin - Thanks for the encouragement. I am strong, look at my muscle !!!!

Nick Phillips said...

Yeah, I agree with Syura, chin up and don't let your neighbour get you down. I've got horrible neighbours too so you're not alone in this :D

molly said...

Nick, thanks.

Monica said...

Be strong Molly or ask your neighbour to read your blog! LOL

Lianny said...

Maybe is too long that you have kept it to yourself. If one day you really cannot stand them, I advise you to direct spit everything just in front of their face. And let them feel your anger. Arguing is really not nice, but sometime when the soft way doesn’t work then you have to do it with the HARD WAY!
Just too bad for them! URGG!!! Show them the lion in you!!!

molly said...

Lianny - I am still considering what to do next. Police report, built a wall, shout to them ... I think is better to tolerate a little longer.