Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hectic Life + Simple Foods

Pass by Jalan Pudu today. Almost towards the end of that road, I saw a stall by the main road, packed with people. Most importantly there was a place for me to squeeze my car in. Who cares police Ah Pek will come and tow my car away, I was too hungry to worry about all that.

Ordered a bowl of Prawn Mee with 4 big prawns : RM7.00. It's Worth the price, very delicious, very tasty, except it's a little too salty for me. For a bowl of ordinary Prawn Mee will be RM3.80.

Recalling what I have eaten for today, although not a balance diet, but quite satisfying :

Morning : Fruit juice at home and famous Pork Noodle Soup at USJ 14.

Afternoon : Prawn Mee at Jalan Pudu.

Dinner : Home cook food.
Whenever I am busy and have to eat out, I am always running out of idea where and what to eat, especially when I am in a hurry. Usually I will rush to the stalls I normally go.

For my tea time today :

Two pieces of 'Nyonya Kuih' and a cup of coffee. (For my tummy)

Reader's digest. (For my brain)




Hadias said...

What a delicious looking meal.

Monica said...

I just had prawn mee few days ago and the prawns were so tiny :(( hahaha

Nick Phillips said...

The prawn mee looks good, unfortunately I can't eat prawns. I'm totally allergic to it.

molly said...

Hi Hadias, welcome to my blog!

molly said...

Monica - Hehehe :) Got different style of prawn mee ma!

molly said...

Nick, try eat multi-vitamin for a period of time, you will be ok with prawn. I am no expert. I have the same problem few years back. Now ok!

Sandra Carvalho said...

That looks yummy!
Have a great weekend.
Take care.

Lianny said...

Hey, You really have lots of place to go. Don't forget to call me along if you need a partner around! Haha :p

Tammy said...

That looks yummy!

molly said...

Sandra - You too, have a nice weekend!

molly said...

Lianny, I've been running like a dog for the last one week, trying to finish all the jobs and have some time to rest after that.
All bloggers to unite and ask the police to stop the road block!!!

molly said...

Tammy, that was really tasty. :):)

xin said...

wow prawn mee i want! i am so addicted to prawn mee lately!

molly said...

xin - Ya me too, when there's nothing to eat, I think of prawn mee. Be careful, a lot of oil inside. You wont notice the oil when it's served hot.

Ratu Syura said...

Alamak, so rugi Nick cant eat prawns! I was just thinking about eating prawn mee last night and now I stumble on your blog with prawn mee! So hungry!! LOL!