Saturday, April 4, 2009

It Worked For Me!

I've found a cure for cough, sore throat and ulcer. I don’t know whether if it works on you but it does work for me like miracle.

I was always complaining that the doctor's medication couldn’t cure my cough. So, recently when I was having cough I decided not to waste my money to see a doctor because the last time I had a cough I consulted 2 doctors and the first doctor I went twice for medications. It was like paying for nothing or paying for more trouble because I ended up very weak, the medications make me lose my appetite.
For Cough:
Put some Red dates, pure honey, a cup of water in a steaming pot. Steam it for 2 hours and drink it.
For ulcer and sore throat:
I keep a cucumber in my fridge. Each time I feel my throat a little dry or feel like I am going to have sore throat, I will cut 3 or 4 slices of Japanese Cucumber and chew in my mouth. It is very sweet and crispy but I usually don’t take a lot because it may be too cooling for me.

It is simple as that and it works really well when I started to feel the symptoms.
For serious cases is still better to consult a doctor.


foongpc said...

Oh, thanks for these very valuable tips! I will take note of them. Cos I hate sore throat and cough! It's always better to go for natural cure than drugs prescribed by doctor unless the condition is serious. I really believe that these tips work very well at the first sign of sore throat and cough, but not when full blown! : )

Tching said...

I've tried it before (courtesy from my colleague) and it worked for me as well.

renet13 said...

Thks Molly, Past few months have been having dry throat, cough with green phelgm sometimes even lose my voice. Will try to see if it wrks for me.Lucky all ur recommendation I have no problem eating/ drinking. i love dates & cucumber & honey.Thks again

Grace said...

We use the red dates to cure beh too! haven't tried with honey though, I'll let my parents know

my mum also likes to boil the red dates in soup together with other chinese herbs

mm red soup, so lovely and warming

Jacky 钟金良 said...

What's red dates for?

Tekkaus said...

Thanks! Will try it. =)

xin said...

thanks for the cough remedy, i am having cough and the cough mixture cant cure at all!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Hi Molly

I enjoy eating red dates especially in a soup with watercress. I find the better quality dates make a difference to the taste too.

molly said...

foongpc - Hopefully it works for you too.

molly said...

Tching - I am glad you tried it too. When my friend told me about that, I didnt believe it works, but now I do.

renet13 - I think cucumber is not good for your cough especially when you have phelgm. Be careful what you eat wor!

Grace - Like your mum, whatever soup I boil, I will sure to throw in some red dates to make the soup sweeter. :):)

molly said...

Jacky -
Red date? I use it for red date tea, and add it into the soup.
It nourish blood and calm the mind for insomnia and restlessness; invigorate the spleen and stomach with poor appetite; promote secretions of vital fluids; retard aging; warming; moderating the toxicity of potent drugs. It is best for fatigue, hypertension, physical exhaustion and malnutrition. Haha I copied that from somewhere.

molly said...

Tekkuas - Hope it works for you too! :):)

Xin - No harm trying ! :):)

Keat - How do you judge the quality? Price or size? Usually the bigger one are more expensive, does it means the quality is better? Anyway most shop sell the smaller one.