Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Think I Am Very Normal, How About You?

Everybody wants to stay beautiful, healthy and happy, but that is almost impossible for us to stay like that forever. We grow old, our hairs and teeth go missing one by one and there are ups and downs in life, and our bone strink, and wrinkle in the face, and.............

Anyway, I am not worried because it would be silly wasting time worrying for something which is not in my control. What I want to do now is to try the best I could to stay happy and healthy. Below is a simple check list to see if I am keeping myself well and to find out what are the areas need improvements:

1. Food is vital to keep me healthy, so, besides my proper meals, I also pop in some necessary Vitamins & supplements like : Calcium & Glucosamine to strengthen my bone, Vitamin E & Omega 3&6 to wash away the cholesterol, Vitamin C for my skin, B for slimming and relaxation ++++ Multi-vitamin just in case I missed out some essential vitamins in my diet. Mmm.. need to improve my cooking, so I have appetite to eat more.

2. I go for facial once every 2 months. Apart from that I also use a lot of protection for my skin days and nights, like toner, moisturizer, lotion for lifting, for whitening, for wrinkle, sun block etc, etc, etc ... Mmm .. need to boil some beauty sweet soup more often.

3. For exercise, I go jogging in the evening, line dance, gardening and singing (lung exercise, hehehe). Mmm... My garden is not getting better but worst. Need a gardener to help out.

4. I do prayer at home everyday, once in the morning and once in the evening if I have the time. Mmm.... Need to be more committed spiritually.
5. For Family life, I am not sure I am a good mother. For that I would like to leave it to my sons to rate me. Mmm...I would rate myself 6/10.

6. Job? I am a mother, a house maid with never ending house chores and a sole bread earner. Mmm... Need to increase my income. By the way, how many people are not as money face as me??
7. Social life? Mmm... Seriously need some adjustment and time management. I... NEED... MORE FRIENDS .....of same frequency!!!



Tina said...

seems like you do well to stay healthy, and of course being a mom always keep you fit dosent it!

Tching said...

You are on the right track to happy and healthy life.

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Hi Molly

You're getting there! Keep up with your plan and the rest we leave to God.
Have a happy day!

foongpc said...

You are taking Amway supplements? Haha! What you are currently doing is great! But you forgot one thing - sleep & rest! I can remember this one cos I'm lacking in this department : )

Tekkaus said...

I'm sure you are doing great! But just don't forget to have enough sleep ya. After all your children are depending on you. You are their pillars mah! :D

Jacky 钟金良 said...

Yea. Amway products - good choice! And, yea. Sleeping is very important. Share with you a thing. If I am lack of sleeping (quantity & quality resting), I need 2 days rest to cover up my tireness. Don't overlook the sleeping. + U

Tammy said...

It's a never ending battle isn't it.

ladyviral said...

hi there~ I am good how are you? Thank you for dropping by my blog :)

Oh you should try a bottle of distilled water every day. Each morning you wake up, drink the whole bottle of water. Says to work on detoxifying and will have a healthy glowie skin in long run. A friend tried it and it worked! I am trying it now... though I am always lazy lol. Maybe you are able to tell me if it really works. :P

Bengbeng said...

i agree with tammy that it is a neve rending battle. but for me, i jus let it happen. it is too late for me oledi :)

Hope said...

Hello my dear

I read and article and it said that 90% of our life is controllable. So use that.

molly said...

Tina, Moms are great ya! You are right being a mom is part of the reason for keeping me fit.

Tching, Is not easy to keep on track all the times because there are too many nice but oily foods out there to lure me.

Keats, Oh ya, I am on my foot all the time and getting there is no problem with god's helps.

foongpc, Yes, sleep is very important but as we get older, we need less sleep. I think young people need at least 8 hrs sleep but instead, nowaday, they are staying up whole nite touring the net and negleting their sleep. I wish I have more time to sleep.

Tekkuas, Yes, I am my children pillars and my children are the force behind me.
Lets not forget our mothers on this mother's day and everyday.

Jacky, are you serious? You need 2 days to replace you lost sleep. I think you need Double X, 2 times a day. Oops, I sound like a doctor giving prescriptions :):)

Tammy, Lets fight till the end, dont give up.

ladyviral, thank you for dropping by.
Distilled water? Any particular brand. See I, am ever ready to try anything that is good for me. :):)

bengbeng, oh, dont say like that. It is never too late for anything. Dont give up hope and hope will be with you always.
Welcome to my blog.

hope, Oh, yes I will. Thanks!

Jacky 钟金良 said...

HAAAAAA, yea. Double X is marvelous.

Bengbeng said...

:) b honest i dont think of myself as relevant any more. my goal is jus to make sure kid has a good start in life. dont exactly know when it happened when i downgraded from being a person to being a parent :0

ladyviral said...

nope no particular brand. Any brand of distilled water is good. Do let me know if it works ya... Being lazy me, I am lazy to find out myself lol. But there was a week that I did try, my face got slightly smoother and didn't look dehydrated too. hee~

Tekkaus said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! :D

Tina said...

hope you had a lovely mothers day :)

fufu said...

i strongly agree woman to invest money in cosmetic/facial treatment lol