Friday, December 19, 2008

I Am What I am

I would give only what I could give

Many a time I have tried to be

What others want me to be - and failed

I cannot be all things to all people

And it was not until I recognised that in myself

And saw the limitations of my own capacities

That I began to be able to accept myself

and give up some of my quilts....

I cannot run a mile in 5 minutes

Nor soar like a gull in the morning skies

And there are mornings when

The day seems to stretch into disaster

And there would always be those times, those days

And if I recognise them not as failures and weaknesses

But part of my basic humanness

And the right to be imperfect

I will never have to be afraid again .....

That is one thing I have learned

And it has helped me now

At least to stand alone

Without the need to clutch and cling for support.......


It would be good if there is someone

It is not fun to be alone .... sometimes



foongpc said...

Wow! I enjoy reading this! So inspiring! Yes, be yourself and not try to please everyone else : )

Btw, why you don't understand my post?

desmond-t said...

nice one there!

u made me reflect on myself too, especially on my life lately in 2008...

have a great yaer ahead 2009!

foongpc said...

Sorry about my post! Somehow it appears as webding font to some readers - I don't know why. Anyway, if you care to read it, you can just copy the post, then paste onto MS Word and change the font : )

Life Ramblings said...

listen to your heart and have the courage to follow what it tells you to do.

Tekkaus said...

Yeah! It's important to be who we are. No matter what others said, as long we have tried our darn bestit's fine! Merry X'mas! =)

littlepolaris said...

True. No one is perfect and we can't expect everyone else to be perfect either. We can only love them with their weakness. Of course it's always so nice to have a friend a round but then not everyone thinks so and it always hurt when that friend betrays you.

xin said...

what everyone said here is true, we are not perfect nor born to please everyone. hang in there dear, i hope u can find 'someone' again soon :)

Monica said...

Hi Molly! Happy Holidays to you!

Jacky Chung said...