Monday, December 8, 2008

Help, I Am Starving!

See what I have done to my pot again?

This is not the first time I throw away my pot. It is the 3rd times.
So, I have found a few solutions :
1. No more boiling soup.
2. Buy cheap pot, so I dont feel the pinch when I need to throw away..
3. Take a chair and sit at the kitchen and wait until the soup is ready.
4. Use a big pot and put lots of water and let it boils for as long as I am busy.
5. Dont boil soup at home, cater.
6. Use slow cooker.
7. An electric cooker with timer.
To punish myself, I stop cooking and stuff myself with cheese cake for lunch, tea, dinner and supper.
Errr......Eeee.... I dont think I will ever want cheese cake again for a long, long time.


Gallivanter said...

You can always buy a really expensive pot! :-P

foongpc said...

I think an electric cooker with timer is a good solution. Haha! Cheese cake for lunch, tea, dinner and supper? I don't mind. LOL!

Tammy said...

I LOVE cheesecake!

xin said...

hahahaa buy an expensive pot so u will remember!

if i dont stand by the pot and watch the fire, i will burn my stuff too...

Life Ramblings said...

i would opt for solutions no. 6 or 7 to resolve the problem. ooh yeah, i love cheesecake too.

Jacky Chung said...

y not buying a s/s pan / pot?

Ai-Ling said...

hmmm, is that cheesecake from secret recipe? it looks very familiar :P

Irenelim said...

The cheese cake looks nice.

Take a chair and sit at the kitchen and wait until the soup is ready --> Make sure you don't fall asleep. lol.

Sweet Jasmine said...

Get a slow cooker. Besides having a peace of mind cooking soup it does taste better than sove cooked.

Monica said...

oh dear! go get a slow cooker Molly ;-)