Sunday, November 9, 2008

Aunty Duck Talking To Uncle Chicken

Streamyx bill has increased from RM77.00 to RM88.00 per month? I am not sure!

The bill I received clearly stated that I have to pay RM165.00 and apart from the bill I also received a notification of late billing for internets service but did not mentioned about the increased. So I supposed the bill is for 2 months and wrongly charged.

Unwilling to pay for extra RM11.00, I called the streamyx call centre for clarification.


Call Centre (CC) : Good evening, I am xxxx, may I help you?

Mol : Good evening. I received a streamyx bill dated 28 Oct. and a notification about late billing, but the charges stated in the bill is wrong. It should be RM154.00 (RM77 + RM77) but the bill is RM165 (RM77.00 + RM88.00). Why is that so?

CC : Ok madam, what you received is a sample only.

Mol : Do you mean I can ignore the bill and don't have to pay according to the bill?

CC : No madam, you have to pay the bill in full ie RM165.00.

Mol : But you are charging me RM11.00 extra. Why is that so?

CC : Madam, can you read the letter we send to you about late billing.

Mol : Yes. But now what I am asking you is, why am I being charged extra RM11.00 in the bill? The letter didn't mention anything about the extra charges at all.

CC : Madam, that is just a sample only.

Mol : *?!?!! Sample????*
Do you mean I don't have to pay according to the bill? (Same question asked twice, what is happening to me? :(:( .

CC : No Madam, you have to pay RM165.00. You are now paying in advance for the service. You may go to any TM centre for enquiry about the late billing.

Mol : *??? advance payment!!!!* No problem I will be as frustrated as I am now if I were to go to the TM centre. Thank you for trying. I will pay accordingly and if there is any extra charges please refund to me later, is that alright?

Actually the staff could have just tell me that the charges for streamyx has increased from October 08 onward and to visit the TM centre for further clarification.

If my manglish (Mandarin + English) is also complicating you like the above, please don't hesitate to tell me. Dont laugh alone, just put up a comment and we can laugh together, hahahahahah!!!! no problem at all, ok!!!
Duck : Quak quak quak...........
Chicken : ??!!!!!??? .. kok...kok...kokoooo.........
Duck : ???!!!!????



Monica said...

what sample????

Monica said...

anyway, I've yet to receive my Streamyx bill..:-D

molly said...

Monica - He kooo and I quack. We dont understand each other. I am not sure why he said is a sample bill and yet I have to pay for it.

Tina said...

What would Rm be English money wise? (thats if you know)and im having a non thinking day so what does Rm stand for? lol

molly said...

tina - Taht is our currency, Malaysian Ringgit. Last time we use $ sign, now RM. $)$)

foongpc said...

I also don't understand what the Streamyx man is saying. From my understanding, a sample is something given free, and we are not supposed to pay for it. Do you agree? So what is this crap about paying for a sample? Either he does not know how to explain it, or use wrong choice of word, or we're just plain stupid to understand! LOL

Hope said...

Hi Molly

People in power are in control of small people. The service provider will say "you want to use service YOU pay as I say and don't ask any questions because your hands are tied.