Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Saw A Ghost!!!

I have started spring cleaning a week ago, getting ready for Christmas and Chinese New Year 2009.
I took 2 and a half month for cleaning up last year when I don't have a part time maid to help clean my window, grill, fans, curtain, cushion, garden etc. Now with a part time maid, I guess I will need about a month to complete the cleaning and start planning for other thing for my new year.
How I wish I could take leave for one month and concentrate on my cleaning. Any way that shouldn't be a problem. I just have to adjust a little of my working hours.
I woke up at 5.30 am today with my mind still half dreamy I started cleaning up. With my blur, blur eyes I looked out of my kitchen window toward my neighbour's house from my kitchen and guess what I see ? A......... G..G.GHOST!!!!
Don't believe? Off course is hard to make all of you believe if there is no proof, so I quickly took out my camera and take a picture of the ghost with face so pale, hair and tongue so long.
Here is the picture to proooof I didn't lie at all!

Ooooops! too dark to see anything, lets try again :

See that? Not clear? Then take a look at the next picture!

Sorry, that was just a black sunshade cap and a broom stick. I think I need a pair of glasses or I have been thinking too much!

Hehehe, so embarrassing. *blush*blush*



Fooi said...

I think it is a sign of tiredness... You should take more rest... ;)

Gallivanter said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *runs away and hides*

renet13 said... heart went pip pop pip cheated by you. Darn!

Ai-Ling said...

i agree with fooi. it's a sign of tiredness. another possible reason would be probably u might have watched too many spooky movies :D

Tammy said...

I was looking and looking and looking at the pictures forever trying to see it. hehehe You got me! ;o)

xin said...

LOL. i got fooled too!


Life Ramblings said...

your eyes must be playing tricks on you. LOL!

foongpc said...

Aiya, got conned! I thought you really saw a ghost!! But looking at the photo, it does resemble a weird looking ghost with long tongue hanging out : )

molly said...

heheheh I didnt mean to con any one of you. I actually thought it was a ghost and damned, it didnt go away when I stared at it. At 5.30 am when my kitchen light shine at it from a distance, I couldnt get a clear picture of it, so I thought it was really a ghost.
The pictures were taken at about 7.00 am just to share. :):)

Tekkaus said...

Haha =) Yeah! U scared yourself huh? Perhaps you are too tired.

Tina said...

you got me there! i was staring at each picture for ages!!