Saturday, October 4, 2008

Home Alone

Home alone, how does that sound to you? I really enjoy being alone but I know if I continue to be alone, I will become koo koo soon. Anyway, it is only temporarily. My sons will be back; and after I have completed my project I will start joining friends out there again.
Meanwhile, I also have to clear all the stuff I have in the fridge while it's still fresh.
That will means whatever I eat and cook from now are stuffs from my fridge. I am not sure how many days I need to finish all those stuffs, but one thing for sure, i.e. no more marketing until everything is cleared. .
Lets see how much I have cleared today, or I should say dumped into my stomach :
For breakfast, I had a cup of juice with an apple, chocolate milk, multi-vitamin and protein power blended together; a piece of carrot cake I bought from Coffee Bean 2 days ago and a cup of tea.

For lunch I had sambal prawn with cucumber and rice. Mmmm.. delicious .. .
The ingredients are: 3 table spoonful hot spicy chilly sauce with ginger and garlic, one onion, one potato, one tomato, salt and sugar. I don't have 'belacan' and santan in my fridge, but it doesn't matter at all because I am trying to avoid these 2 items which are not doing any good for my health.

And for dinner, I cooked vegetable soup.
First I fried the chopped onion and garlic until it is brown, add in some chicken stocks, tomato and wolf berries and boil it for few minutes.

Add in the meat, 2 types of organic vegetables, 1 piece of toufu, an egg, 4 pieces of fried toufu, and prawns.

That's really filling. *burp* Excuse me!
First 3 meals 'KauTim'!


Tammy said...

You got me hungry now with all that delicious looking food! ;o)

Tekkaus said...

Kesian you have to makan all these. Or are you enjoying it to the max? Ha =)

prettybeautiful said...

reminds me of my mom's sambal prawn n sotong :( must ask her to cook for me when im bek home

Jacky Chung said...

wah, u can took the pictures of the food, which means you are very free and bored at that day? :-D Yeah, being busy can feel time passing so fast.

Tina said...

good idea keeping yourself busy cooking ;)

i like to be alone sometimes, but then after a while you tend to miss the kids fighting and all the noise lol

Sweet Jasmine said...

Its nice to be alone once in a while where we can do whatever we like. Lovely homecook food you got there.

foongpc said...

I like to be home alone sometimes too. No one to disturb and you are free to do anything you want. Wow! I like that carrot cake. Yummy! Your breakfast sounds really good! : )

Mag said...

i love being alone at times and just chillaxing (a new teen's term :D funny...) but i will always have company... and that is my lovely doggies!!!! :D and soon.. my bb boy..

Monica said...

same here; I enjoy being alone sometimes :-D
omg! I feel so hungry now..LOL

Tina said...

hope your still enjoying your quiet time ;)

get it whilst you can thats what i say lol

Josette said...

I like to be home alone once in a while too. I can enjoy the peace and quietness. Plus the freedom to do anything without being scolded! Hehe...