Thursday, April 15, 2010

Smiling All The Way To The Bank

I am with a big SMILE and on the way to the bank, HA HA HA!! Want to know where I get the big fat cheque?
Is a pleasent morning and I am heading to the PUSPAKOM, a place where mostly runner or male are there sending the car for inspection, which is compulsory if you want to sell your car and transfer ownership.
When I sell my car, I usually sell it personally to the buyer and not to the car agent. That was because if I sell to the agent I loose out at least Rm2,000 - RM5,000 depending on you car condition, model, year make, and bargaining with the agent, etc......
With the new ruling it could be a little hassle to sell it yourself because you need to send your car to Puspakom SDN BHD for inspection to get a letter of clearance before you can have your name transfered.
There are many reason given by the Puspakom SDN BHD why we should send our car for inspection but only 2 important reasons I think is important, ie 1. to see whether the car has a 'cut and joint' or 2. a stolen vehicle. Other than that since it is a must to send for inspection and there is a payment of RM30.00 they might as well give a thorough check up.
I send for inspection myself this time because the buyer wanted to send a runner to do it for him and I was worried the runner may run away with my car or take my car for a rambling before sending it back to me. So I have a deal with the buyer that I send it for inspection and he pay me RM100.00 inclusive of RM30.00 inspection fee. He paid me because he has to pay the runner double for doing it.
I arrived at the PUSPAKOM at about 7.45 am and waited behind other vehicles. Not too long que, only about 15 cars before me.
There are two counters before entering the inspection area. There I fill in a form, submit the original car registration card and pay a fee of RM30.00.
After that I headed toward the inspection area. The whole inspection together with the letter of clearance took about 1/2 hour.
After that I went to the Road Transport Department to get the necessary form for transfer of ownership and have my ic verified by the officer, free of charge.
ThenI met up with the new owner to get the fat banker's cheque and headed to the bank.
Caution! Do not simply trust any buyer. Keep you eye big if you want to sell the car yourself. It is not difficult but could be dangerous especially to people so small size like me. Hehe. and do not hand your key to them, get someone to go along with you if possible but I did it alone. Hahaha my worry is over at last.


Caroline Ng May Ling said...

whoaa so happy ah?? lol anyway i agree wit u dat not simply trust a runner or whoever in doing such big business or transaction. :)

Cynthia said...

BRAVO my dear friend... :D not many know about this procedure yet, therefore the used car dealers are still munching into the car price..

Tekkaus said...

War..then how much profit you made? How fat is your cheque? :p

molly said...

caroline, I was taking a risk actually and I was hasitating to see any buyer until the last one, which is a chinese and sounded genuine. :)

Cynthia, it is actually easy if you are careful and cautious and have the time to wait for the big fish. Hahaha

Tekkaus, How fat ah. Mmm.. it depends on what denominations lor. If RM1.00 note then I think it could fill up a big bag wor.


I learn sth new here & i think RM30 inspection fees is veery veery nominal :_) & the part of cutting-off the agent = smart

molly said...

Modern Robinson Crusoe, I thought it cost much more than RM30.00 too. I blog about it so that friends dont have to pay too high price for the same service next time.

wenn said...

wow, u r very brave!

Pete said...

Wah, sell your car, make profit or not? Going to get a new one?

molly said...

Wenn, I think I was very brave but I was really scared to meet up with any of them at first and was about to sent to the car agent. Hehe luckily I didnt.

Pete, that was my 2nd car, so is the cash return lor.