Saturday, April 17, 2010

Back To School

I am now attending a course. An intensive 5 months course and then after that I will be on a new job and will be a new Molly.
I have stopped work. Which mean I have no income for this 5 months. So now I have to tie up my stomach, eat LESS, NO SHOPPING, spend LESS, NO entertainment, NO outing, NO tea or coffee time with friend, LESS contact with friends. It sounds so dry and boring right?

But is ok, I can blog ma! I can also blog hop leh!

I will not reveal what course I am taking at the moment till the end. You can make a wild guess but I will zip-up my mouth on that at the moment.

Just some clue in case you might want to guess.

In the new job I will always have an audience, have company, never lonely, interesting, away from home, eat out, less home cook I think the clue is long enough for a catch.

See you at your blog!!


Caroline Ng May Ling said...

nice nice! me too soon will quit my job and cont study. but mine seems longer than urs, bachelor program. :p

hmm.. let me guess... erm.. doin direct selling?? counselor? lol sorry cant think of any actually. cant wait for the answer!!! hahaha


Aiyo the "suspense" factor : Guess its sth to do with doing presentation to client aka not office "tied-down" job?? :-)...hehe

Tekkaus said...

A new job? Tell us lar. :p

molly said...

Caroline, Wah bachelor. My simple course is enough to kill me.
Direct selling? No way, I can entertain friend by joining as member but not selling like Amway and P. Mutual, I am a member and only to service myself. Councelor? NO :)
Tak lulus

Robinson, Presentation?!?! Definitely not an office 9 -5 job. That is killing. I need freedom!

tekkaus, You sound so worn out wor, hao sang zhai!

Merryn said...

wat wat? aiyo.. i'm such a sucker in suspense.. makes me wanna know MORE! aarrgghh! :P

Pete said...

Nice to continue study....I would love to do that!

Cynthia said...

aarrgggh!! can we spin the clock to 5 months later now? so, we know what course you doing ma.. anyway, all the best, and I come find you only after the 5 months la.. :p


WHAT???!!! That;s it ???- No answer?? - Ayat tergantung??

Bananazക said...

Kesian tie up stomach etc no problem you have invested well and have all the extra$ are in the banks to last you through for years:) Pursuing a tourism course? tQ

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Big job secret? Is Bananaz right?? All the very best!

Mabel Low said...

Always have an audience? Working for the tv station to annouce news??? :P Alamak.. suspen betul!

Dorothy said...

My first visit here and I must say I am so anxious to see what your new job is.

Dorothy from grammology

JoMel said...

Hi Molly, change could be a very good thing, especially when it's for the betterment of your life. I wish you the best in your new undertaking. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi aunt Molly, it's Angela here.
My guess is...tourist guide? :p
How are you doing? Do you still remember giving me a webpage that I could do all the school subjects?