Thursday, September 18, 2008

ZZZZZzzzz...... Not Me. It's My Computer Taking A Break

Thanks to all who responded to my post 'Life Is Precious". Sometimes just an encouragement is worth a million words. TQ TQ TQ to Damien Tan, Foongpc, gullivanter, Nick Philip, Tammy, Monica, Tekkuas, Jacky Chung and prettychelereena for being a friend and your sweet words. Yeah!

I am as ok as I sound in my post but my dear computer, which is giving me the biggest joy and life support (no work, no pay :(:( ) is not ok. It's sick and is having a good rest. HP has promised to rush me the recovery CD so that my computer can get up as fresh as new and start kicking and say hello to the world and you, you and you again.

Also a big THANK YOU to all those who have left footprints in my blog. You are in my link lists, will start visiting you a.s.a my computer is ok.

I cannot be sitting on my son's computer for too long, till then bye!


Gallivanter said...

Here's to a speedy recovery of your laptop *BOTTOMS UP A PINT OF GUINNESS* Here's to the weekend *BOTTOMS UP A PINT OF GUINNESS* Here's to PKR *BOTTOMS UP A PINT OF GUINNESS* Here's to beer *BOTTOMS UP A PINT OF GUINNESS* :-D

Nick Phillips said...

Urrrmmm, I agree with Gallivanter ... LOL!

Happy weekend Molly.

Tina said...

oh no not computer problems. the damn things are too tempermental!

anyway when you do get this message hope your computer is fixed and you had a good weekend :)

Tekkaus said...

Don't worry, everything you'll be fine asap. =)