Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Sunday Morning

Oh! No! No! No! I had a flat tyre. What should I do? It was so early in the morning, no mechanic worked this early and I have no contact number of any mechanic for emergency like this.
I found out I had a flat tyre only when I have finished my marketing. Could it have happened yesterday on the way back from The Mines Wonderland? However, I do not think so and hopefully not, it's so dangerous thinking of how fast I drove last night.
Now my problem is, I have to rush back to do some gardening before sun gets hot and to watch my Korean drama at 9.30 am. *knock my head* 'Stop thinking of the drama, deal with this real drama is more important now.' I told myself. Luckily I acted quickly enough to get my rushing mind settled down. Otherwise I might be acting an interesting drama myself and start kicking, scolding and make a scene at the market place like a monkey.
Although I know how to change a flat, but I don't have the physical strength to do it and may risk injury while attempting to change it. Often, lug nuts are bolted very tight to the wheel, and tyres themselves are quite heavy. What to do? Although there were many passer-by but I cant be troubling someone so early in the morning to change the tyre for me, although I am willing to pay. But if I continue to move the car, it could do more damage to the wheel and other parts of the car. Is it? I am not sure. I am still very innocent about car parts although I drive it everyday.
There wasn't any choice for me. The best thing I could do then was to move my car slowly to the petrol station and fill up the air temporarily and move back home to wait for the mechanic. The problem was when I tried to pump the air, the air cap was stuck. There was no one around except the skinny Banglashi pump attendant there staring at me.
I asked him to help me jacked up my car to open the cap, I didn't think he could change a tyre and he's too small size to do such heavy job even if he knows. See, I have made a wrong judgement again. The Bangleshi guy told me, 'RM10.00' and he would changed the tyre for me. You? I asked. Yes. He said.
'OKI, no problem.' I told him, ' make sure you know how to change it, and don't spoilt my car'. 'OKI' he said.
Got the tyre changed and I paid the attendant RM10.00.
Reached home just in time for the Korean Drama and my TV breakfast.
Had an orange, an apple, a piece of chocolate walnut cake and 1/2 cup of coffee as my TV breakfast.

I know, I know, some of you might want to say it's not healthy to eat and watch TV at the same time! What to do when my eyes, brain and stomach were all feeling hungry at the same time!



MisSmall said...

Is that chocolate walnut brownie from Secret Recipe? I have the exact same piece sitting in my fridge. :D

molly said...

small, you are right, that's from Secret Recipe. Your big day soon? Congrats!

Nick Phillips said...

Glad you managed to get your tyre problem solved without too much of a fuss :D

Imelda said...

yum, the cake must be tasting good.

Stupe said...

hey there! RM10 to fix the tyre is quite ok, considering you don't need to break a sweat. I know some that has been conned with mroe than that.

Next step - how to change a tyre! In six easy steps! you got me thinking to whip out that missisipi mud cake, again!

QuaChee said...

like the way you say - focus on the real drama. lol. anyway fast action on yr part. good work! :)

molly said...

Nick, Luckily I was not at somewhere deserted. Thanks god!

molly said...

Imelda, the cake, mm.. not bad.

molly said...

stupe - Thanks for dropping by.
I dont mind paying. No matter how easy the steps, it will still be a bit too heavy for me to handle.
I must learn to whip up a cake like you did, looks so simple.

molly said...

quachee - thanks for dropping by.
Life is like a drama to me. He he, sounds like I am an actress also.

Tammy said...

I'm glad you got your tire fixed and that cake looks amazing!!! I want some! ;o)

Tekkaus said...

The way you write this post is rather interesting! Ha =) Well, at least nothing happened while you are driving right? And thank goodness for merely 10 bucks you are up and going again. The treats? Of course brownies and korean drama. haha =) not bad for rm10 huh!

renet13 said...

Wow u were so cool..manage to solve your tyre problem..u deserve the dessert!

foongpc said...

Every time I have a flat tyre, I just call AAM. : ) Better let them do it than to do it yourself and make yourself all dirty and sweaty. Unless I'm already all dirty and sweaty then never mind lah.
Hmm, that choc walnut cake looks nice. Yummy.

Kess And Her Mama said...

Flat tyres are no fun, esp on a Sun morning. Better keep a mechanic's number on hand. Maybe AAM can help too.

BTW, I love the new header on your blog. Nice!

Monica said...

Hi Molly, luckily you were nearby the petrol station ;-)

yeah, the chocolate walnut cake looks YUMMY!!!!

molly said...

tammy - That's something I worried the most when I drive.

tekkuas - Thank you for your comment and thanks for dropping by. Pity the guy, I should have paid him more, right?

renet13 - Luckily is one side, if both side also punctured, how?

fongpc - Now you remind me. I remember my insureance also came with the package. I dont mind sweating but the tyre is too heavy for me.

kess'mama - You're right, it's no joke. I better keep a phone no. handy for any emergency.
My header? oh, after so many attemps, finally one big one, still struggling to shorten it.

Monica - Lucky? I think so. After the incident it reminds me to check my car everyday and not to depend on mechanic.