Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Living With The Hooligans

There are fighting at the USJ area among the residents because part of the residents has converted the garden into guarded and gated community which has caused more inconvenience than any good. They use the ugly fencing to fence up the place and employ some dummy security guards to harass the residents and put up the barricades wherever they like and close it whenever they like it.
The above is the barricade broken by some angry residents of this area.
No body sees the fight but they only see the ugly fencing and the dummy security guard getting fatter everyday.
The entrance and exit near my house is closed permanently. Due to this I have to often park my car opposite my house to avoid taking a big turn just to drop my marketing and out again using the steps I built. The same steps I use to take to go garden which is so convenience is now removed and the area fenced up.
Hey, I am no criminal, I don't harassed people, I don't collect unlawful money, I don't misled the residents like you and why am I being caged in like you, committee members?
. The above picture is the fencing right in front of my house's main gate. I put the newspaper there to show how ugly it looks with one side lower than the other. The committee members has either done it purposely because I objected to the gated and guarded idea or they really are not qualify to take the responsibility of the community's security and our garden's image.
With most of the road closed, I just couldn't imagine what will happen in case of emergency. The fire brigade or ambulance have to take time to look for entrance or exit or they have to take time to breakdown the closed and locked gate. What is the point of building the entrance and sealed it?
My personal life is badly affected by this group of hooligan.
I am very confused. When there is no road, the people rally and request to have road built and when there is road, they allowed it closed. Any logic?


Tekkaus said...

Have you guys report this matter to the municipal? They can erect the fences anywhere they want? :(

OMG! I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope this problem can be dealt with asap!

Sweet Jasmine said...

Oh dear! this is such a terrible situation. Being gated in as such. Should bring it up on the news and get someone to solve the problem.

smallkucing said...

It's illegal right? Try complaining to the Majlis Bandaran. Those guards are useless la. Can even be in cahoot with thieves to rob the houses during festival time. Coz they know which house is empty

ladyviral said...

Well, for one.. gated secured place is good for security purposes to prevent theft, break-ins... the only problem is, where we are at, there i sno point because the guards are either sitting ducks themselves or they are the accomplice.

Those fencing will not hold the thieves outside.. it is easily cut off anyway.

But in any sense, i don't think we should decline guarded areas because if any mishap were to happen to our house (touch wood touch wood), we would wish there were guards to protect or to blame.

Sorry to say I may sound like I am disagreeing with you, but that because the crime rate have been too high now, I was robbed not far from my house before so yea :x

Tching said...

I'm in agreement with ladyviral. The crime rate in USJ area have been quite high. No where is safe.

foongpc said...

More and more places are putting up security measures like the ones you mentioned. I guess your area committee is just trying to improve the security in your housing area, and even though it may be illegal, authorities are now closing one eye to it because it does help to lower the crime rate.

In my area, some residents make noise over blocked roads and complained to MBPJ but when majority of residents say they wanted the roads to be blocked for better security, MBPJ decided not to interfere.

Of course, it will be inconvenient to the residents. I have to agree to that. I guess it's security vs convenience - which would you choose?

Do not get too angry with the committee members cos they are just volunteers doing a thankless task to ensure security in your area. I know because I have been in a committee before and it seems no matter what we do, there are bound to be people who are unhappy and no one appreciates what we do at all.

xin said...

aih. everywhere is so so dangerous now! if it is an inside job, even the fences will not help. 2 weeks ago, my house was trespassed. someone has attempted an break in. but my housemate heard the noise downstairs and hence they escaped. thank goodness nothing was taken. i hope they wont return again. :(

oh btw, my house area is gated too. and so what?

Bengbeng said...

i understand the inconvenience u face but after so many times having intruders in the home, i wouldnt mind the inconvenience. seriously.

Tina said...

thats horrible. like someone said above talk to the authorities there must be something you can do. freedom of speech and all that and your rights :)

good luck

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Pete said...

Every taman resident is rushing to fence up their area. To bad, the crime rate is escallating! But then, I think they should do it in a proper way!

Hope said...

Ask anybody in the street about the crime rate and everyone will shake their heads in despair about the security with so many robberies, snatch theft, rape and people getting killed and slashed walking on the road go unsolved, prisoners getting killed inside the police station and so forth.

No safety too if you live in a gated community! Only extra bill to pay.

Police will be most happy that residents are putting up their own security so less work for them.